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  1. Those are all your opinions, Basu.


    I don't share the same ones as you.


    I've loved every Halo game and have been pretty good at all of them during their respective timelines.


    I'm not garbage, yet I like Halo 4.  Is it the best of the series?  No.  Do I like it so much that I got 130 on TWO different gamertags?  Yes.


    I guess I'm just a bigger Halo fan than you in general.  Sorry your taste is trash.


    ^ Above line is a joke, but do you get how you're being pretty high-and-mighty and the God of Halo Judgement?


    Not a hot look IMO.

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  2. 100% fair point. The questions are: "What makes Halo, Halo?" and "Who decides what makes Halo, Halo?". In my mind, they're all Halo. Regardless of their differences, isn't Halo defined by the Studios who make and release a Halo game? If not, who decides? What gives them the authority?

    Excellent point.


    Just because Halo 1, 2 & 3 were developed first, doesn't mean that they are more legitimate or more defining of the name "Halo" than Halo Reach, 4, 2 Anniversary, and 5.

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  3. @@DrGoodBaller


    So I enjoyed the last year of H5 more than the majority of people here (just when I felt like I couldn't go on with AR+radar any more the settings changed and I started having a lot more fun playing the game); I enjoy the 2018 comp settings enough so that I actually wouldn't mind another year of H5 instead of a year of H3. But you can't just ignore the desire for a classic Halo game. Hell, my entire defense of Halo 5 has been centered around the line "it might not be a good Halo game, but the 2018 settings do make it a pretty good competitive shooter".


    I would much rather have C2, H2, or H2A as the classic Halo game we move to, H3 is my least favorite to play of the classic style Halo games, but it makes too much sense to have H3 be the new game to go about approaching the demand for it as something that's just nostalgia driven. It's team-driven with good maps and solid gameplay and from a marketing perspective (eSports driven by developers is there to promote the game/franchise) it's by far and away the best game to support in a build up to Infinite, especially with Infinite so far out. Could anyone honestly say that if competitive Halo was grassroots driven like Melee (and wasn't driven by eSports) H3 wouldn't already have retaken the spot of main tournament game?


    If you have anything constructive to say or debate regardign H5 or H3 I'm sure that there are plenty of people here willing to hear you out, but you're not adding anything to the conversation. I'm tempted to just ignore all your posts, but thought I'd give you the courtesy of attempting to see if you had anything to say before doing so. Having a post thanking Tashi and 343 for what they did with H5 because you enjoyed their efforts is great and in and of itself that's nothing to neg rep anyone on, but trying to dismiss everyone else without actually making a reasoned argument about things is just whining.

    Excellent reply. You have my respect and whole I don't share the same opinions of you you have my respect.


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