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  1. Please inform me how one can "get a 130 in a matter of days." OT: I finally (just tonight) hit Spartan Rank 150 in Halo 5. Feels good but I'd rather be a 15 and a champion or high-onyx player.
  2. It's been a while since I've been to a bigtime H1 LAN but the last few I attended Patch aka Skillz was a BEAST.
  3. Those are all your opinions, Basu. I don't share the same ones as you. I've loved every Halo game and have been pretty good at all of them during their respective timelines. I'm not garbage, yet I like Halo 4. Is it the best of the series? No. Do I like it so much that I got 130 on TWO different gamertags? Yes. I guess I'm just a bigger Halo fan than you in general. Sorry your taste is trash. ^ Above line is a joke, but do you get how you're being pretty high-and-mighty and the God of Halo Judgement? Not a hot look IMO.
  4. Exactly. I'm playing Halo:Infinite on Xbox hardware with the (inferior? lol) controller. 17 years makes good practice. Can't wait for most everybody else to come to the same conclusion.
  5. Yeah is using NHE for the tourney really a good idea if it's as different from OG H1 as you guys are proclaiming it to be? Unless NHE keeps everything good from OG H1 and improves on it somehow without making it feel like a different experience, I could see there bring quite an uproar from those who haven't been to any NHE LAN's or anything (myself included).
  6. That is smart. Thanks for clarifying as I didn't know you had an up and coming job opportunity. Best of luck, Mikwen. I'll probably see you at St. Louis. Don't know if I'm competing, spectating, helping or what yet.
  7. Halo: Infinite will be a massive success across the board.
  8. Darkman retired. Zyos retired. Mikwin has no reason to "retire" with Halo: Infinite on the horizon.
  9. Color me not surprised at all. Young Halo Esports Champions "retiring" - LOL
  10. UGC's office is at the end of my block. I'll probably be attending, lol.
  11. Killer N at #24? I don't know about that. I watched him go 20-4 against StK in Team Slayer Rat Race at MLG Chicago. When he competed in Halo: CE he was literally a monster of Slayer, and his pistol was arguably #1 of all time. Edit: Good list, though! Edit 2: Cloud is easily in the top ten for Halo 3.
  12. Excellent point. Just because Halo 1, 2 & 3 were developed first, doesn't mean that they are more legitimate or more defining of the name "Halo" than Halo Reach, 4, 2 Anniversary, and 5.
  13. Excellent reply. You have my respect and whole I don't share the same opinions of you you have my respect.
  14. I'm pretty sure I wasn't even talking to you. Although I knew that statement would trigger somebody. Congratulations you're the lucky winner!
  15. What's funny is Halo 5 tourneys are wildly entertaining to watch. What's funnier is that there aren't any pro Halo 5 players on here whining about broken gameplay and the need for "Classic Halo." If there were than the argument against mine might hold a little weight. But there aren't.
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