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  1. The radar in this game isnt too bad IMO. The only times its been gay as hell has been on FFA maps, and in those instances I consider the problem to be more so based around where weapons spawn and map design than the motion sensor itself. IMO, the game needs some small fixes but beyond that is fine out of the box.
  2. Hopefully it will stay 8 and just get taken off the shitty maps. 8 players on Truth, Regret, Coliseum, Plaza, and eden is fine (Except for rockets on all those maps. those need to go away). Rig is borderline for FFA Its empire, fathom, pegasus, that are the bad maps, and IMO its not because theres 8 players, but rather the weapons on map and where they are. Take the storm rifles out of tree house (And off Fathom entirely) and suddenly the strategy opens up some from "Get storm rifle and camp tree house" Move the shotgun away from Tower on empire and put a different power weapon outside (IMO it needs a sniper out there for 4v4 as well, caster doesnt give enough reason to leave inside if you have control of it IMO) and suddenly the gametype goes beyond "Get shotgun and crouch in tower" Pegasus is a clusterfuck for powerpositions in general.
  3. That is exactly what deranking is... You dont punish bad people by making it more difficult to get better. Hell you dont punish bad people at all, just simply put them in a skill level with players of their caliber. Across all the competitive titles that have stood the test of time and remained popular: League, SC, and CSGO, none of them use a ranking system that actively punished bad players. Punishing bad players outside of the game is not a good thing.
  4. Listen, dont talk down on the Halo kids. they just want the game to be as close to Halo 1 as possible, with no bullshit like weapon timers put into the game. They want it to be as skill based as possible and use weapon timers on iPods like tru competitive gamers. Dont need that fucking handicap built in.
  5. and that is a system that doesnt make sense. If you lose a lot you should simply rank down, not just dig a hole that not only deranks you, but makes ranking back up MORE difficult. At that point you end up with people who can theoretically be playing at a skill level above their current rank, simply because they reached a skill ceiling, lost a bunch, then improved, and now cant rank back up because the system wont allow them too.
  6. A ranking system shouldnt actively make it more difficult to rank up simply because you play the game a lot.
  7. anyone who supports Halo 3s ranking system can GTFO IMO. That ranking system purposefully made it more difficult to rank up the more games you played. any system that introduces that as a variable is instantly invalid IMO, because it then makes it unrealistically difficult for someone to rank up, no matter what skill level, if they get stuck there for a while. Meaning youre actively punishing improvement.
  8. Im not a scumbag I am a degenerate. Check your white privilege shitlord.
  9. I would make it an RTS like was originally intended. A genre is just 1 thing right?
  10. Shouldnt you be getting rekt in FFA and not posting in my introsuction thread open jacket selfie?
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