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  1. Yeah the frame rate was shit when reach was first made backwards compatible for the xbox one but it has been improved. I still want them to make halo 3 backwards compatible even if it has some minor issues becuz it will repopulate the game a little bit and ill still be playing it on 360.
  2. Wow 52-50! Thats even more crazy, now that you mention it im surprised I haven't seen more occasions where this has happened especially when someone has rockets.
  3. Have any of you guys experienced something like this before?
  4. Yeah I figured most people would just skip to the end but the reason I used the full gameplay was becuz I had some things I wanted to talk about as well as show off the insane ending to that game.
  5. I feel ya, Its so frustrating playing halo 3 on there which is why I usually play h3 on the 360.
  6. Well everybody, I've been wanting to make this video for a long time and I have finally gotten around to making it. If you are not aware of how bad the hit detection is in mcc you are in for a big unpleasant surprise. Enjoy!
  7. I've been playing halo3 on 2 sensitivity for a LONG time and i just recently decided to bump my sensitivity up to 10 and within a few games I hit a clip.
  8. This is the second rant i uploaded to my channel where i talk about the Xbox One, MCC and Halo 5. this is only part 1 of 4 so i dont cover everything in this video. I made this video becuz i really needed to get some of my thoughts out there becuz i know im not the only one who feels this way.
  9. I get what you are trying to say but Halo 5 made so many drastic changes that were not for the better and actually strayed far far away from halos roots.
  10. I hope your not saying that Halo CE is like quake becuz the 2 games are drastically different from each other. they are not even close to being similar games.
  11. This is honestly how halo 5 makes me feel!
  12. What i meant was that both H1 and H2 played like halo was meant to be played. when u look at games like reach, h4 and h5, all of them strayed away from that signature gameplay that halo has always had. And about the length of the video not too much i can do about that, when i go on a rant i dont stop until there is nothing left to say.
  13. So i made this video talking about where halo went wrong and how the game should of evolved over the years. Let me know what you think.
  14. Thanks for the compliments man glad you enjoyed the vid. You are right I am very passionate about halo and if halo didn't exist I probably wouldn't play video games at all becuz halo is pretty much all I've played since 2007. There are enough of sellouts and people who don't give there honest opinions in this community and I'm not gonna be another one . I see things how they are and I will give 343 credit where credit is do but I'll also speak my mind on things that are completely unacceptable in a halo game. I'll be making more videos on halo 5 in the future and I'll continue to keep it real. P.S. You said my style of talking resembles gandhi, I never really thought about that but I'll take that as a compliment.
  15. Let me know what you think of my halo 5 rant video.http://youtu.be/dvweXd8CAQk
  16. Glad to hear your opinions on the game, there are some things we disagree on but overall I think our thoughts on halo 5 are similar. There is no doubt that the game can be a ton of fun but there are just some matches that are beyond irritating and a lot of that is becuz of thruster for me anyways, I know you said you don't have that big of an issue with thrust but trust me eventually you will play a team that abuses the shit out of it and its very frustrating
  17. hey man, you made a lot of good points that I agree with. It feels like everyone is blinded by the hype right now, glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks halo 5 is garbage in its current state.

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