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  1. Yeah the frame rate was shit when reach was first made backwards compatible for the xbox one but it has been improved. I still want them to make halo 3 backwards compatible even if it has some minor issues becuz it will repopulate the game a little bit and ill still be playing it on 360.
  2. Wow 52-50! Thats even more crazy, now that you mention it im surprised I haven't seen more occasions where this has happened especially when someone has rockets.
  3. Yeah I figured most people would just skip to the end but the reason I used the full gameplay was becuz I had some things I wanted to talk about as well as show off the insane ending to that game.
  4. Have any of you guys experienced something like this before?
  5. I feel ya, Its so frustrating playing halo 3 on there which is why I usually play h3 on the 360.
  6. Well everybody, I've been wanting to make this video for a long time and I have finally gotten around to making it. If you are not aware of how bad the hit detection is in mcc you are in for a big unpleasant surprise. Enjoy!
  7. I've been playing halo3 on 2 sensitivity for a LONG time and i just recently decided to bump my sensitivity up to 10 and within a few games I hit a clip.
  8. I get what you are trying to say but Halo 5 made so many drastic changes that were not for the better and actually strayed far far away from halos roots.
  9. I hope your not saying that Halo CE is like quake becuz the 2 games are drastically different from each other. they are not even close to being similar games.
  10. This is the second rant i uploaded to my channel where i talk about the Xbox One, MCC and Halo 5. this is only part 1 of 4 so i dont cover everything in this video. I made this video becuz i really needed to get some of my thoughts out there becuz i know im not the only one who feels this way.
  11. This is honestly how halo 5 makes me feel!
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