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  1. Anarchist Esq I'm going to try again. This will be the 3rd day. H5 is looking real good to me right now anyway, but I haven't played SR in I don't know how many years.
  2. I downloaded the game digitally. Every time I search for public match it says i need to sign in to live even though i already am. Why is that?
  3. Well, that was yesterday. I tried again and it doesn't even take me to the start screen, I don't even hear the intro music. Its just failed to initialize before I get there now.
  4. I tried entering the one from the toll free number as well. That had "exceeded its uses" is what I remember. I bought Kane and Lynch after that to try. This is a new cpu too, I don't have any games on it other than CSGO and Chess 2 The Sequel. When I click the startup it brings me to a little screen with 3 options I think: Map Editor, Ded Servers I think, and Play Halo 2. After I click "Play Halo" it sends me a message about the settings not being optimal, I click Run Anyway and it brings me to the Start Up screen. I can log in with two different Microsoft Live Accounts. The one serial number from the toll free method says that that serial number exceeded its uses, the other one prompts a message from Microsoft telling me it "Failed to Initialize"
  5. Nevermind, that was a 6 not a G I wrote! But its not working anyway. "Failed to initialize" I might need to reinstall the game it said.
  6. Wow. I just bought Kane & Lynch because I didn't feel like waiting. The product key is not valid.... WTF?
  7. I can't use XBC for some reason. I played two games, and it has never successfully connected me to another game ever since then. So I am going to get it for Vista. But I have one question before I buy. I'm going to get Batman off of Steam. But it only has the GOTY edition available. I see for Fallout you added both the regular version and the GOTY edition. So my guess is that it doesn't work. Please let me know
  8. He is Dick Whitman. When at MLG events Faruq will only lock it up for him. He reminds Gandhi of himself in 06. He made Dynasty "jump off with that" against Neighbor
  9. I doubt he will do well, but I am glad about his attendance.
  10. I still like the idea of Thruster Pack as a starting ability with NS 120 speed. Perhaps my mind would be changed after playing it and watching top AGL players use it, but I love that AA. And I also love the idea of having other AAs on the map as pickups. Someone mentioned Promethean Vision, I never thought I'd say it but I'd love the idea of people fighting over it.
  11. These options would be great in my opinion. Reduce the amount of sprint energy a player has by like 15-25%. Then make it recharge 15% slower too. I think that would be cool. We wouldn't have to worry about the impact NS has on maps and segregating the community. Even the keep your gun aimed while sprint would be interesting, but that seems improbable. My above paragraph is a reasonable change for all Halo players I think.
  12. I think it would be a great idea. Have a Halo 1 2v2 with some of the old timers at an AGL. Have an H2 4v4. But I agree that H3 would be the most popular. I wouldn't advise putting much money into prizes though. Just do them as show matches and stuff.
  13. It probably was a bad decision to drop Naded, that seems like a safe assumption. But it is not dumb to pick up aPG either.
  14. Yeah, I knew about MLG in H2. I knew who the teams were, but I never watched. It wasn't till 2008 till I began watching. By 2010 there were so many good players it was crazy.
  15. Who would like this decision? Everyone remembers how nefarious the twitch chat was during the event. Well not only did Naded play great, but he was one of the only players that didn't get trashed by the stream. He is one of the most beloved players in the game right now. I am so upset with this team change.
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