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  1. Been away for a while. Seeing classic Halo being played competitively again is awesome.
  2. That was the first game of Sanc Slayer I've watched on H5. Is it usually that lopsided?
  3. How pissed are EU people gonna be when they wake up tomorrow and see Lethul actually streamed
  4. He's been great the past year or so. I'm kinda surprised he hasn't gotten any offers for better teams.
  5. This is what I love. He's not being diplomatic, but it's also not like he's making hot takes just to be controversial. Just real honest analysis.
  6. It was said yesterday, but I love what Clutch brings to the desk. Been a huge fan of the guy since his BtH days.
  7. I was worried we wouldn't get our daily Ninja update with all the Optic drama
  8. Just finished watching the VOD after not being able to watch yesterday. Fantastic tournament. Disappointed that NV couldn't carry the momentum into Championship Sunday, but I still think the team looks really strong. Splyce looked really fuckin good. Nice to see Eco and Stellur get their first win. I've always thought Eco was one of the most underrated players in H5 so hopefully now he'll get the recognition I think he deserves. Also Optic making a roster change (they won't) would be a massive overreaction.
  9. No I know, I did too. I was thinking to myself "that's an over, just wait the medal will pop." But there should be no question to it. The overkill medal should never pop up as an after thought. There are too many bullshit medals that just get in the way more than anything.
  10. Tbf the way the medals popped up ruined it more than anything. The overkill medal popped up super late so I could see why they were confused whether he got it or not.
  11. I'm not used to an event being ran in such a timely manner. What am I supposed to do for the rest of the night?
  12. Throughout Halo 5 I've never really had a favorite team, but I'm really loving this NV team
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