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  1. If you're willing to get on a bit earlier, I grind 9am - 2pm (and later in the evening 11:30pm - random early ass time in the morning) I'd be willing to run! Me and my friend are a strong duo
  2. Hey everyone! As you all know, Gamers For Giving is coming up, and charity through the power of gaming is a huge deal to me. I try to hunt down and attend as many charity events, live streams, etc. as I possibly can because one thing many people don't know about us gamers is that we're very friendly, giving, caring individuals. When I heard #G4G was happening yet again, and the weekend before my 21st birthday (HYPE!!!), I knew I had to do it. One thing: I don't have a team... I'm looking for a very specific group of individuals. I want gamers who game and compete for competition, prestige, and fun. I don't want money-hungry HCS wannabees. I want people who can play well together in-game, and be friends outside of game. Out-of-game chemistry leads to in-game chemistry in my eyes. I want gamers who are able to take off work/school for that weekend, travel, and are ready to have a hell of a great time in Michigan! A certain skill level IS required, clearly, but I refuse to let that be dictated by your Arena ranking or Slayer ranking. I want to play with each and every one of you who is interested. Also...Discord is a huge plus in my eyes. #G4G's entrance fee (Team Pass = 4 players + 1 coach) is $200, slightly below $50/person. This is a bring-your-own-console tournament, you must be able to bring a controller + microUSB cable as well as your console and a copy of Halo 5, or have it installed on your console from the game store on Xbox Live. Rooms are available at the local Marriott, and Detroit Metro Airport would be the airport to fly to if air travel is your thing. The entire event itself is taking place at EMU's conference center in Eastern Michigan. More information may be found here: http://gamersforgiving.org/information/ TL;DR Players who are: Kind, caring, charitable individuals connect in and out of game relatively high skill level Discord preferred #G4G: At EMU in Eastern Michigan Travel and rooms available nearby $200/team+coach BYOGear If you are interested in joining me in giving back to the world through the power of gaming, and also winning and getting LAN experience, post below, and add my GT: Hobbsky
  3. If you can run daytime (10-3) and night time (11:30-2:30) EST than I'm more than happy to run with you.
  4. What's your time schedule. I'm EST, running 9:30am - 2:30pm and 11:30pm - 2:30am. If you can match or overlap some of those times, I'm more than happy to run with you!
  5. If you are able to do later into the night, maybe 2am EST, I'd be more than happy to pair with you! I don't get off work til 10pm, and I usually work out and get home around 11:30.
  6. Hello, everyone! My name is Kev or Chegros. I'm a long-time Halo fan and player. In the rush of HCS, I tried joining teams here and there -- I'd run with these "teams" and none of them really felt like the right one. The captains never really ran them in an efficient manner, and there was always something I'd do differently, so I'm starting my own team for both HCS and GB, as well as just to have some grind buds! I am looking for like-minded people who have knowledge of the game, including spawns, power weapon expertise, and a good shot. All the information on requirements and times are listed below: Required! Mic Discord Proven Skill No Current Team Good Attitude Able To Take Constructive Advice Available For 3-5 Practices Per Week (Times Below) Bonus points for... HCS Pro Points Twitch Audience YouTube Audience Previous Halo Experience (H:CE - H4) Time Zones & Times: EST: M-F (10am - 3pm; 11:30pm - 2am), Sat-Sun (Various) PST: M-F (7am - 12pm; 8:30pm - 11pm), Sat-Sun (Various) To apply, add 'Chegros' on Xbox Live, and send a message letting me know you're interested in joining the team. From there, we'll run a few games in the time blocks stated above and we'll go from there! I look forward to seeing each and every one of you on the battlefield!
  7. GT: Chegros I'm looking for a fun, but serious team with chemistry and talent. I want to compete in the weekly cups as much as possible and try our hand at HCS. I'm a strong obj. offense/defense player. My specialty weapons are mid-range scoped weapons such as the BR, DMR, and Carbine. I'm solid with my Magnum. I don't do too much in the way of Power Weapons, but I'll grab Hydra or Rockets if they're up! My weaknesses are heavy slaying (I never get more than 15 kills on average) and sniping. I can hit body shots, but headshots are few and far between with a Sniper in my hand. I'd love to play with anyone looking to form a team, or recruit me! Message me on XBL telling me you're from ESL and want to run!
  8. GT: Chegros I'm looking for a GB/HCS team, too. I have solid roots in halo esports dating back to 2008 with Halo 3 GB ladders. I'll add you on XBL and we can get together sometime and run some games. I'm usually on 11a-3p EST, and after 10p EST.
  9. Added you. I'm looking for a GB/HCS team. If we have good chemistry we can make it happen.
  10. Hey all! I'm Kevin, GT: Chegros. I've been playing Halo since 2008, back in the days of H3 Matchmaking. That same year, I heard about Tsquared via G4TV & Xplay. That was my intro to MLG pro gaming. I competed in H3, H:R, and H4 tourneys and ladders. I have a very strategic mindset, and know all my callouts. I play strong obj. defense, and have a great slaying record. Feel free to find me on social media via the links under my name to the left, and hit me up on Xbox if you want to play! I'm looking for a team to compete in the qualifying tourneys for HCS season 2, and fun GB scrims and tourneys ~Kevin
  11. GT: Chegros I have previous experience competing in GB Ladders, Tourneys, and scrims with a full team of 4. I've played Halo for 7 years. Feel free to follow me on twitter and add me on XBL to chat!
  12. I live in Howard County and have been playing Halo since 2008! I'm a Gold 3 and climbing in Team Arena on H5, and have previously competed in GB toruneys and scrims. GT: Chegros

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