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  1. Hey everyone, a buddy of mine is starting a halo 5 youtube series called grind to champion. In this video and the first few hrs going to go over unique jumps and routes on the maps. Here's the first one covering plaza. Please comment with feedback on what you liked and what he could do differently. He doesn't frequent beyond, but has been playing competitive halo since 08. I <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/flgtrYFKrC8"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. This is the truth. Not only that, but doesn't the BR have a 1.6 second kill time? Why would we possibly want to increase the kill time? That makes no sense. Halo has always (or used to) placed an emphasis on individual skill as well as teamwork. The sniper is already super easy to use, let's not make our utility weapon a joke too.
  3. So your solution to the AR being too strong is to give us a starting weapon with a slower kill time? If anything, the only fix we need is to either make it only pistol starts, or nerf the AR damage slightly. BR starts will totally kill the competitive potential of this game. Listen to Fanatic 66. The BR shouldn't define halo just because it did in the past, and if your argument is its easier to use, stick to warzone or learn to use the pistol better.
  4. What game have you been playing? The vast majority of fights I get in are pistol fights. I love it when someone tries to challenge with the AR because at close range it's really not difficult to get a perfect kill and the weapons are balanced that you can do that without dying to an AR person. Add how easy it is to throw off an automatic weapons aim with thruster and I don't see the problem. When I play, I don't see people cowering with the pistol at all. The only time I'll even worry about challenging with the pistol is against the dmr or light rifle at a very long range, and that is how it feels most people at least in diamond/plat level seem to play. I think kill times are a little too long, but I'm a CE man through and through. However, with teamshooting, it's insanely easy to drop people virtually instantly with just pistols. I'd bet money that I get killed via pistol more than 3 times as much as the AR. Also, skill gap is still insanely important and the br is insanely easy to use. I'm adamantly against br starts. With the br it feels like a guaranteed 4sk, where as with the pistol, you have to work for it. If anything, I wish there was a few less brs around the map because when I'm playing like a noob in tilt, it feels impossible to out shoot the easy to use br.
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