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  1. With a 49-49 trade, whoever has better connection to the host wins the game. RIP NZ. Upload the end of the final game of Citadel vs TRIDENT @@Dead. OT: I feel the competitive Halo scene will lose its soul similar to that of America where people only play because there are prize pools and not because the game is fun to play. I for one did not enjoy Halo 5 at all and am on the fence on whether I should compete in a game I hate playing for money or continue to play MCC or 360 on the games I actually like to play. I think If I held the 'sellout' attitude I probably would have left for CoD anyway; I mean mediocre Halo players have placed T1 at ACL events for CoD so idk. It's all wishy washy and like Kurtiz said you can't force a scene to grow.
  2. http://gyazo.com/78f6fcbb5b2268d30982d673f6bfb77d Is this actually a thing? 'To prevent further abuse'. Wow, this is literally what is wrong with prisons. There isn't a better way to set a man straight than to put him in solitude to interact and socialise with other criminals. Fucking morons.
  3. What does it achieve? It outlines how fuckin soft everyone is these days. Americans have always been soft ever since the age of entitlement. Same goes for Halo. I just find it sad that Australian gamers are behaving that way too. We used to be the yellow bar super stars that got on with the game and did our best against the odds. Now we can't even handle NZ or Japanese host? Fuckin sad and soft man. And to say the game is dead in America is ignorant. Come play MCC in Australia and then preach about how 'dead' American Halo is. Would be a good laugh.
  4. Have just been rolling a Japanese team on our host and as soon as the Japs get host my aussie team goes full ****** and quits. Honestly MCC has made us no better than whinging Americans when the host isn't pitch perfect. Straya cunts
  5. I learnt how to backpack reload today. (Srs) I never cared to learn how. Too bad I will never need to use it as it is physically impossible to play CE lmao.
  6. When are we getting a 'search quickest option'? They denied us 'Skill' 'Good connection' and 'Language' and now they have taken away the quickest search. Can you please just let me play against Americans if I want to 343? It's hard to learn how to play HCS when you can't get games in it.
  7. No it's actually a compliment for worthy opponents. I love being called a 'tryhard' 'nerd' 'sweaty' 'virgin'. It makes me feel good at the game and I take them all as encouragement and compliments. The term is highly subjective. If you wanted to be a typical forum kid, break it down, analyze it and be as literal as fuck then yes the word 'tryhard' does not make sense. (Here we go again)
  8. 2v4 gameplay vs a full team of tryhards. Loving these ranks atm. I'm actually finding myself playing this over 360. Also full teams r gay. Literally the only reason why I lose in MM. I'd play with a team myself but I'm already getting 20-30 kills a game anyways so it'd be unfair.
  9. Even in Australia people are trying in MCC. Thanks ranks
  10. Why were you in an H2A banshee in the first place? :wacko:
  11. Lol that was me dead. I had been searching for hours and switched over to my 360 lmao.
  12. Can people add me to search HCS PL with. I'm Aussie and I can't get games in it and would really love to play it but the only way is to search with other Americans. I don't care how good you are, I just want to play. (Think this is half the reason Septic relocated lol) GT: Epilogue
  13. It's a connection thing. Happens nearly every game in Australia.
  14. Lead your shots. I can pull that 'hosty' shit without host now in H3 MCC. Sounds like you simply need to brush up on your BR skills.
  15. 343 wiped out an entire continent's player base. Literally can't even get a single custom these days when ACLBrisLAN is coming up in a month. So sad. Maybe if 343 actually included Oceania in the HCS there would be at least an incentive to put up with their unplayable game.
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