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  1. me being a libtard doesn't make this season any more or less ass cheeks than it already is.
  2. after all these years, i really expected more from this show. i held out hope - even in a post-"bad poosy" era.
  3. Proximity

    Film Discussion

    if you have netflix and you haven't seen Hostiles yet, you're fuckin up
  4. @@Cursed Lemon he’s been watching too much Peaky Blinders Baby Dick Rick back at it again with the psychosis
  5. So... they behave like conservatives do when the nation’s run by Democrats?
  6. Proximity

    Film Discussion

    friendly reminder that you're still wrong about Starship Troopers
  7. Proximity

    Film Discussion

    herpy derpy der, derpy der. derpy der. 28/100.
  8. jose comin in hot with the massive attack cover

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