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  1. Hey dude just curious where you guys are from. I was just dropped from a team because I live to far away. I live on the west coast in Southern California. HMU if you are trying to attend agl OC GT: Chobie1Konobie
  2. The orange county AGL even is coming up and i am looking for players who are definately going. I would really love to compete. Please message me on my XBL account: Chobie1Konobie Please let me know!
  3. i have a to2 looking for this exactly. one of us live in indiana and the other in cali it is perfect. Hit me up on xbl. GT: Chobie1Konobie
  4. Also anyone adding me i will be out of town for 2 days, so don't forget about me I will be back soon.
  5. Hi, I am Anthony. I live in California, and I would love to get into competitive halo. I will be able to travel to events, but I am only willing to spend the money once the team I join is practiced enough on PGL. If you are interested in Trying me out for your team, just message me or add me on XBL. GT: Chobie1Konobie (leave more than a friend request also leave a message so I know it isn't a random)
  6. does anyone know where i can get the rebroadcast of the finals?
  7. We need a stiff lock and a map/gametype rotatitons. Also, you should be forced to flay three games against one team. Kind of like a best of three series. IDK but imo i think it could be fun.
  8. where did you guys get these awesome team banners?
  9. Name: Anthony Gamertag: Chobie1Konobie Games Played: Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4 Area in California: Outside LA, ( i will be attending college in Stockton) Future Gaming Plans: PGL tournaments, Find a team for locals LANs and compete in a lot of AGL/UMG's

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