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  1. People were stuck updating since no one knew when the update dropped
  2. What exactly is "sustain?" I missed that part.
  3. What do we have to do to get it to a love-love relationship?
  4. I am completely confused on whether you guys love or hate halo 5
  5. Yeah, these are peak hours bro. Don't you know? Halo is dad as fuck. 343 steps backwards Kappa.
  6. You could be the one we're all waiting for
  7. BTB Tuesday and aiming is December, brother. Hopefully something we haven't heard.
  8. Looking for a war zone team. We have 3. Message me online. Detroitdeion
  9. jV57 4dd th3m br4h if th3y d☹nt add U bacc ur a f0ll0w3r LEL
  10. I was thinking shadow = ninja armor, light = tracker armor
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