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  1. Could have been my PC render settings. Aiming on console blows hard compared to h5 and quake.
  2. If you're used to counter strike and quake yes it is that bad. On console it's bad too.
  3. PC has it too not even kidding. I just played it at my dads. What were they thinking....
  4. God it's a fantastic game but aiming is so sluggish! If they fixed this with a patch it would be super competitive. But right now as it stands I see it PC only. We need: -Aim smoothing toggle -dead zone settings for x and y -accel settings
  5. I keep lagging out of h5 and only h5. Is that an issue in their end?
  6. I really like 3.5 3.5 with 2 accel and dead zones set to 0. Any of u guys mess with the domed sticks with your elite? I kinda like them. I'm also screwing around with having left trigger zoom in. I know it's anti halo but I figure clicking the joystick takes away from precision aiming so this will allow for more accurate quick scoping. I feel an advantage from this... When I'm not accidentally pressing the wrong button and playing like an autistic kid. Trying to fight over 10 years of muscle memory ain't easy.
  7. Aiming with aim smoothing and motion blur turned off feels excellent. Too bad strafing is a joke and there too much auto aim.
  8. This game needs an aim smoothing toggle like doom has. Fantastic game all around outside sluggish console aiming.
  9. Anybody tried the domed sticks? I like them a lot.
  10. No slow turn here. The thumbstick acceleration filters seem buggy and induce drift. So switched mine back ton default. I love the dome thumbsticks reminds me of og xbox controller. I kind of wish they had regular ones but of the same height as the dome. Vibration at 20% is perfect for me. I love the controller so far. Only use one paddle for thruster and claw the rest.
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