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  1. Ech0

    NBA Thread

    who the hell reads articles about grayson allen? get a career
  2. Ech0

    NBA Thread

    Amo and I are Sixers fans now. Joel and Ben are our fathers
  3. Ech0

    NBA Thread

    I'll join the chat but block anyone who even remotely makes fun of me even once
  4. Ech0

    NFL Thread

    now wade in cavs
  5. Ech0

    NFL Thread

    r rondo needs a pelicans jersey in your avatar
  6. This post made me wish I stared at the sun and went blind
  7. Ech0

    NBA Thread

    why isn't lebron recruiting all these free agents with the non-existent cap space that the cavs have??????????????
  8. I pray every night, to anyone that will listen, that some of you will never procreate

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