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  1. The spawns points are the same yes, but the way they're influenced and the rotations are wayyyyyy off. A fellow angry gamer summed it up almost perfectly on waypoint: "Now lets get to spawns. What in the heck were you guys thinking? The respawn system in the current version of the MCC is atrocious. It’s unforgivably BAD. I understand that certain non-linear maps have poor spawns. I do. But there is no reason, in any situation, why someone I kill should respawn 2 feet away from where they died. Or right next to his teammate, who is in combat. Or in the same spot 3x in a row. Or across the map, away from his team and underneath mine. The spawns (for Team Slayer settings in particular) are a bad joke, and need SERIOUS reworking. As it stands, the spawns are considerably different from the original Halo 3’s spawns, and this is extremely problematic. The current manner in which a player respawns is so unpredictable, that it has a negative affect on competitively play. And yes I know, I keep bringing up competitive play. But we’re talking about a ranked playlist here, surely there has to be consideration for competitive play (which itself is centered around balance and fairness, mind you). Fix these respawns. Please. Don’t make me beg. They’re terrible."
  2. Even if that's the case, is it something they acknowledged? Is it something the community has brought up?
  3. I don't know how 343 managed to change the spawn influences on H3 but here we are. Its beyond frustrating knowing how different they are compared to the original. I'm not sure if they're changed on any of the other games but if they are it should definitely be something they address.
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