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  1. Grandmas Boy(DDR Scene): Every time a game ends I think if this announcer from Grandma's Boy.. The Spartan chatter is useful, but they could tone it down a bit. The announcer sounds like he's from a 90's arcade game. I'm on the fence about sprint. In bigger maps sure it'd be great. Truth and Empire don't need it tho. I like the idea above about only sprinting with full shields. No more sprinting cross map with no shields. Just evade or challenge. As a trick jumper I absolutely hate clamber.. is Crouch Jumping dead? No more skill jumps? Just jump at the wall perform a terrible animation and you're up. It feels cheap to me..
  2. The victory screen feels so cheesy.. Bro.. can u not
  3. SWAT and Dubs need to become permanent. SWAT is the 3rd most popular playlist in H4 and Reach. I'm hoping it gets high population so it can become permanent. H2A is gonna be fun but that's too many playlists for 6 maps!
  4. It used to take an Overjump to get from Top Mid to S3.
  5. Damnit! I NEED MOAR!!! More Lockdown footage please! Hopefully we'll see a Walkthrough along with some decent gameplay this weekend!
  6. I'm calling Terminal as last map. This remake looks amazing! Such a better feel than Blackou- oh god just threw up a lil.
  7. Color indication on maps. Sanctuary seems alright besides that.. Dynamic events are kinda gimmicky.. Any Elites gonna be present in H2A? That was a huge part of Customs and Machinima in H2. It'd be a shame if Elites were not included. I can hear the Elite clans screaming already.. Also Bring back LOCKOUT!! Wonder what dynamic event would be included on Lockout..
  8. Thank you 343 and all involved. This has been a long time coming. We all knew it was coming, but did not expect something so grand. You really outdid yourselves. Way to show the community we are worth hearing
  9. Ascension Lockout Midship Sanctuary Turf Headlong Potential maps Warlock Beaver Creek Zanzibar Elongation
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