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  1. Can anyone point me to some good X-Men comics/storylines? Tried checking out Apocalypse a while back but the order was confusing as fuck, like issue 34 of this thing and then the next part of the story was issue 40 of this other thing. Why do comic books have to be so confusing/overwhelming
  2. When Insomniac's name came on screen during the Spiderman reveal I completely lost it. Literally the best fit possible What a fucking 10/10 press conference
  3. ^ "why does she keep getting older :("
  4. I was aiming for 2000 calories when I was trying to lose a bit of weight and I tended to purposely overestimate just to be sure. Sort of messed me over in the long run though because now it's hard to gauge how much I used to eat and how much I should increase by. As for food, its generally pretty healthy. Turkey, chicken, brocoli, peppers, apples, sweet potatos and that sort of thing. The deficit thing became really bad when I started genuinely living for my weekly takeaway. It was like the highlight of my life or something because it allowed me to fully indulge in shit food. Just a really unhealthy and unsustainable habit in the long run Anyway here is me at 64.5kg~ (a few months ago) and then at 66.3kg~ (a few days ago). Semi-nude pics incoming I don't even mind my face being shown tbh but I have some serious just-out-of-bed-face going on in both of them haha
  5. Fortunately the work ethic isn't my problem. In fact it's actually because I'm so consistent with my workouts that I've found the need to finally get control of my diet. Here I am putting in all this work while I just feel fatigued and weak all the time, it's not great :|
  6. Good to know it goes through most people's minds. I went from being skinnyfat/out of shape to being in good shape through a few years of muay thai, but now that I'm not really training anymore and just weight lifting/running, I seem to have more diet concerns than ever. I'm 6'1" and was down to 145lbs last December which is obviously too low for my height. I'm hovering around 148lbs now but its hard to keep going up in fear of going back to where I was years ago (even though if I think about it rationally for 2 seconds I know that won't happen). Eating disorders, not even once
  7. Trying to get out of this eating funk I've found myself in over the last 7~ months. Attempting a slow bulk but the paranoid side of me is still pretty afraid of getting fat ;__; Anyone else ever struggle with this sorta stuff?
  8. I will lose my shit if he pulls it off
  9. It is 100% not as good as DoFP
  10. almost certain he brutally beats the mutant leader to death, no?
  11. Wasn't the only reason he couldn't kill because of some dumb rule DC (or maybe comics in general) had back then? And he actually did kill people originally? Can't remember fully Also Miller's Batman was adapted "wrong"? Give me a break. There's millions ways of adapting these characters, and anyway BvS takes heavy influence from TDKR so its not exactly surprising that Snyder's Batman would kill too
  12. Don't get me wrong BvS looks like straight garbage and I've no plans on ever watching it, but the need for no murder, more humour, more camp, less seriousness etc. in this thread has always been ********. DC have shit the bed pretty bad thus far but if they really think what they need is more punchlines then they're learning all the wrong lessons. No offense to Reason but I really hope DC keep their head on their shoulders and continue to not listen to people like him. I like the MCU too but some of us want something different, let us have it
  13. He also kills in Burton's films and probably numerous comics
  14. Had been talking about that with a friend a while back but absolutely didn't realise it was on so soon. Might have to check it out
  15. Looks good, the shot at 30 seconds is sick af loving the new poster aswell
  16. Apocalypse falters a bit towards the end but it's best scenes are (debatebly) better than anything from Civil War. The Quicksilver scene, the Auschwitz scene, and especially the nuke launch scene were absolutely amazing. As for Apocalypse himself, I'm really curious as to what some people wanted from him. I'd heard pretty bad things about him going into it ranging from Oscar Isaac does nothing to the character just being silly, but neither are true at all tbh. He lumbers around like Darth Vader, talks in a really soft but assertive tone, and pretty much just waves his hands to kill people. His main way of murdering people is to literally put them into walls or sink them into the floor....like holy shit. but yea, dat nuke scene
  17. https://youtu.be/B0g3q_4kZnU Legitimately haven't laughed so much in years. I was full on in tears when he came in through the fucking window hahaha
  18. Some of them look really good and say "100% free" on them, then you click into it and the author has "only for personal use!" in the description ;__; make up yer fkn mind there m8 Also you'd be the man to ask, but the reason I'm looking for a font in the first place is to replace the one I'm using in my youtube videos right now. Basically I'm not making any money whatsoever from any of this but I imagine its not exactly great practice to continue using this font in my avatar/intro like I am Am I right in thinking I should get a new one from here on out even if I'm not making any money?
  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/MMA/comments/4jm6yq/ufc_200_trailer_cormier/
  20. fkn beautiful man This too
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