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  1. Star Trek Beyond was disappointing. Mostly dull action, plot made about as much sense as Into Darkness (which is to say not very much), the humour was very hit and miss, and the villain was pretty weak yet again. His motives are actually pretty interesting and would probably make (or has already made) a great TNG episode but you don't find them out until too late and they're explored too little. The ensemble cast were great as always, as was the score. The whole aesthetic laid down by the 09 film still looks great even if nothing new is really done with it, and there's a moment involving a song that I imagine will split people on whether it's cheesy or fun. Personally I thought it was the best part of the film and I was smiling like an idiot when it happened but to each their own. But yea overall just really weak
  2. you just agreed with a guy who put down those shows getdafuckouttahere
  3. Took me a while to get into Barry Lyndon (to the point where I actually had to watch it in 3 parts) but it was pretty great all in all
  4. Neon Demon was bananas. There were a few things that didn't really work for me and the quality of the acting/dialogue seemed to (purposefully or not) change every other scene, but overall I really enjoyed it
  5. Let me rephrase: Losing on 2 days notice to the light heavyweight champion has any effect on your status and/or legacy as a fighter.
  6. I really had no sort of bias or agenda going into this Ghostbusters remake but every trailer has made it look absolutely terrible
  7. Losing on 2 days notice to the light heavyweight champion is truly the sign of an amateur.
  8. I'm actually not the biggest fan of Blade Runner but it was on my pc so I gave it a rewatch (didn't really change my mind about it) and gave it a quick edit The soundtrack, aesthetic, acting, and just all the production in general is top notch. The film just feels sort of dull to me.
  9. The silver lining is that (bar some scape goat conspiracy theory) we now know that USADA absolutely do not fuck around. No person or event is "too big"
  10. Blocked in the US which is really annoying but eh
  11. legit thought he was walking over to close a door in her face, would've cried laughing. As it is though I agree Fincher would've ended on a more sombre note like he did with The Social Network. I'm a big fan of Boyle though and even though the ending might be a little cheesy, I don't think it undermines/erases any of Jobs' faults shown throughout the film. Boyle also used his erratic cutting and style in such cool contrast to the very talk-y script, making scenes like the Fassbender/Daniels showdown feel like an action scene. I love how even if not everything sticks, Boyle is always looking to try new things. I mean look at this shit https://youtu.be/PS5oJAtJnn4
  12. Hail, Caesar! was better than I thought it was gonna be but it still wasn't top tier Coen bros or anything. The Channing Tatum dance number was amazing....the man has it all And I can't believe I slept on Steve Jobs for so long, really annoyed at myself for not seeing it in the cinema now.
  13. https://twitter.com/THIERRYFREMAUX/status/749329806257430528 2016 is just taking the piss at this stage
  14. wouldn't really consider working out 4x a week to be lazy at all but yea I'm liking it a lot so far. Doing it Pull/Push/Rest/Legs/Rest/Push/etc. so its like 4 or 5 days a week depending
  15. I definitely need to stop going so far below 90 with my bench, your form looks so much....healthier...than mine... Also PPL is the fucking business, enjoying it soooo much more than 5x5
  16. Went to the comic store to see if there were any ongoing series worth getting into and came to the conclusion that its just far too expensive a hobby. I'll pick up volumes here and there but anything Marvel/DC related is getting read online Got the first 2 volumes of East of West though so looking forward to that
  17. So it turns out 2001 really is as good as everyone says it is....It happens so often that I have no reason to still be surprised but for some reason I never expect these classics to be as good as they're supposed to be. There was also one scene that I thought could be cut into a nice trailer so I gave it a shot
  18. https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/4pxbix/ireland_at_euro_2016_the_fairytale/ today's the day
  19. For me, the app just seals the deal. With the amount of conflicting information and opinions on what program to do with what exercise and at what frequency, having an app that just told me what to do was a game changer. Eventually I got more comfortable and can use my own discretion as to what benefits me and what doesn't, but the whole process is def overwhelming at the start I trust it to support the weight, I just don't trust myself getting it onto the supports 100% of the time...
  20. I failed a set of squats in my room (where I lift weights) a while back and sort of said "fuck this heavy shit" in my head. I don't have spotters or anything and the safety rack isn't enough reassurance tbh. It didn't break but this was my finger all swolen up after it happened so ridiculous looking haha
  21. Get the 5x5 app for your phone, it will just take all of the guesswork out of it for you. Do that for a while then look into more advanced stuff once you've stopped progressing
  22. Gonna change from SS to PPL today I think. Really growing tired of squating alllllllll the time
  23. Oh yea and The Witch was quality. Also have child actors just gotten better over the last decade~ or am I imagining things? Either way this whole horror resurgence pleases me greatly
  24. Coincidentally I had the very same thing happen to me when I saw Drive a few years back. I didn't really mind because everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves well enough but it definitely deflated some of the more brutal scenes Watched The Witch out my friend's back garden last night, the whole projector set up worked far too well and I can't wait to do it again in future. Of course we ended up picking the longest day of the year to do it so had to wait until like half 10 to start it haha
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