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  1. Mate how much more context do you need, I'm practically quoting your exact posts. It's not like you're making incredibly context sensitive statements anyway But still, Civil War was so so so much better than Suicide Squad. The way it builds up to a big superhero/villain showdown, then completely subverts that trope and has the two main characters fight an incredibly emotional fight. That alone makes it infinitely superior to SS, not to mention the rest of it
  2. you said it was boring and had "a lot of nothing going on".....good points man I'd never thought about it that way before...
  3. this literally makes no sense to me
  4. I actually agree that it was a pretty weak trailer, but the shots at 1:07-1:08 and 1:38 are straight fire. Said it from day 1 but Gareth Edwards knows how to do scale so well
  5. Episodes 3 and 4 of the first season are the lowest points of the show, you're missing out big time if you don't keep going imo. It's also one of the most emotional/beautiful things I've watched in a very long time. Like I haven't cried during a film or anything in a very long time but The Leftovers has almost got me on a few occasions. This is a scene from the final episode of the first season and I hardly even consider it a spoiler because of just how much the show improves/changes with the second season. But it's just an example of how well shot and scored the show is
  6. I seem to be one of the few that liked it from the start, but either way it gets so much better as the season goes on. And then season 2 is just top tier
  7. Finally got back to watching The Leftovers and just finished the episode International Assassin...this is honestly one of the greatest shows I've ever watched.
  8. Oh I meant it in a good way, Spiderman got that champ pedigree. Also I'm an unabashed GSP fanboy so I won't have any of this heresy
  9. Woodley cast in Spider-man: Homecoming, nuff said tbh
  10. last shot is pretty incredible
  11. one of the best action films of the decade so far imo
  12. Upstream Color was pretty good. The rules of the world in the film were pretty up in the air and I found it pretty hard to distinguish between things I should know and things the characters were aware of. Combining that feeling with how the dialog was written/edited and it actually really reminded me of Pierre le Fou in a weird way
  13. think I'm just gonna have to remove back squats from my routine altogether. My knees/hips are aligned sort of weird and its just not worth the effort, looking into kettlebells and stuff instead
  14. you're right I should probably just say "Stranger Things is totes the greatest/worst" who wants to actually discuss things
  15. I think they're all pretty weak explanations bar maybe Hopper being kept alive. And how were they assholes for breaking his camera? This is exactly what I mean by the show cheating just so characters are on the "good" or "bad" side of a situation. Outside of us being the audience and obviously knowing more than the characters, just look at the situation as it actually happens in the show. As far as Steve knows, Jonathan was literally taking photos of his girlfriend from the woods. Nancy hasn't had a run in with any monsters yet and has no reason to think Jonathan is being anything other than an insane creep. Like she isn't privy to any of the information we are so there's literally no reason she should be so understanding of this situation. Steve being hostile was completely justified. But since the show so badly wants Jonathan to be the sympathetic character in the scene, Steve has to step over the line by smashing up his camera and acting like a bit too much like a dickhead. Its just weak, lazy writing and it shows up in almost every part of the show
  16. To me everything was just so inconsistent. Characters would react to situations in completely irrational ways just so the plot could move along or so certain relationships could go in certain directions. Things happen that only make sense to the audience and These are just moments off the top of my head that made me roll my eyes: Nancy sympathizing with Jonathan when he is caught with photographs of her taken from the nearby woods. There is literally no reason she should not find it creepy. The bad guys kill the diner guy for taking care of Eleven for just a few hours yet they merely drug Hopper and send him home even though he essentially uncovered their whole operation? Mike goes from defending L to hating L back to defending L on a whim, and argues with his friends about it regardless of which side he is currently on. One episode he'll be saying she's normal, then screaming she's a freak, then screaming at Lucas because he called her a freak. Nancy's boyfriends Steve sees her in her room with another guy (the same guy that had pictures of her), and then the show tries to paint him as this psychopath just so we'll sympathize with Nancy and Jonathan. A recurring theme here is that instead of writing characters reacting like normal human beings, the show just cheats by making whoever we're meant to dislike at any given moment act like a complete dickhead, even if it makes no sense.
  17. This season of Bojack is on another level
  18. tbf there are a lot of poor 3rd installments out there. Similar to tv finales, its pretty difficult to maintain tension while still offering a satisfying conclusion that isn't too game changing but also doesn't play it too safe. Add things like fan service (can't have too much or too little) and you're pretty much spinning a million plates at once
  19. Die hard 3, Mission Impossible 3, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Captain America 3, and the GOAT: Army of Darkness
  20. haha no fucking way, I haven't even seen The Blair Witch Project but that was a slick bait and switch. The trailer looks pretty generic but I have faith in Adam "John Carpenter" Wingard
  21. Gave up on Stranger Things at the 7th episode, just couldn't handle the terrible writing anymore. S'all good though cause Bojack's back baby
  22. Stranger Things is such a wildly inconsistent show, still don't know how I feel about it
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