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  1. I know it's just more UFC stuff but since it's more of a broad take on the anxiety, joy, and general emotion of fighting it sort of feels like a lil short film in it's own right. Well maybe not...but still, thought I'd post it in here anyway
  2. Pretty small things tbh, but I thought the ending dragged on a bit too long and sort of lost the impact it could have had. Then some of the dialogue was a little iffy and I actually was pretty disappointed by Forest Whitaker Overall though I really liked it. Hyped for Blade Runner 2
  3. Actually only watched Le Samourai a few nights ago, thought it was preeetty good. Between that, The Driver, and Drive, I feel like there's a really specific sub-genre in there. Also went to Arrival last week but forgot to post about it. I thought it was mostly really really enjoyable but there were a few things that sort of held it back from being top tier. Also thought it got very Nolan-esque towards the end (especially in that gala scene), so I'm pretty surprised @@hapaxlegomena enjoyed it so much
  4. Nocturnal Animals was great. The narrative was pretty interesting and actually extremely coherent for how often it jumps around. Between this, Nightcrawler, Prisoners, and to a slightly lesser extent Enemy and Source Code (and even going back to Zodiac), I feel Jakey G has like carved out his own thriller niche and I absolutely love it
  5. Who knows man, I'm essentially just building a portfolio with the added bonus of gaining some sort of audience/exposure through reddit and stuff. Getting any work beyond that would be the dream though
  6. Thanks a lot man, actually completely forgot to post it in here And Ariel shared it!
  7. I ain't gone nowhere, although I did start a film & tv course. Can't wait to get my "not a pleb" certificate Going to try blow through a load of horror this month. Watched Suspiria first which was sooooo up my street, followed by The Orphanage which very much was not. Turned it off after like an hour, seriously overrated film imo
  8. Did you really just try and use mmamath to back up an argument you were having about a month ago. Don't you write for some mma site? Jesus...
  9. One of the strangest events I've ever watched
  10. Akira was actually unreal, god dayum. One of the most gorgeous films I've ever watched
  11. Looks pretty gritty and down to earth with very muted colours, but I'm sure reason will love it
  12. The Barry Lyndon one was just because its a long af film and I think I've said it before but I watch films on my pc, so sitting in this chair for 3 hours straight can make me pretty restless. My attention span is so bad sometimes As for Eraserhead, I really don't know how you came to the conclusion that I didn't enjoy it when I said the exact opposite in the first sentence of my post
  13. Finally watched Eraserhead and really enjoyed it. I followed along for the most part but some of the more obscure parts (radiator lady) were definitely a bit lost on me at times. I have some theories but I dunno if there's a general consensus on what these things mean, should probably look that up Also it was surprisingly funny. The "Oh you are sick!" line had me cracking up
  14. Average event but Bader's win and the main event were fucking bananas
  15. Sad times Whenever actors retire and fall out of the spotlight I'm always paro that they're just gonna die any day. Don't go getting any ideas, Gene Hackman...
  16. I just mean I don't get how you could like it more. In all honestly I mostly flicked through the film but everything I watched was just so so terrible I mean everyone has their opinion, ain't no thang. I'm sure there's loads of "terrible" films that I love, I just thought Suicide Squad was atrocious
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