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  1. I'm sure there will be closure with the characters but if you're looking for explanations such as where everyone actually disappeared to then I think you have disappointment coming your way
  2. fwiw gaming is having a pretty next level year too Also everyone in here seriously has to watch The Leftovers if you aren't already. Finishes in 3 weeks and it's just untouchable atm
  3. Just going by your comments it seems like you take way too much pride in not liking him. You def jump on any chance to tell people about your hatred of kendrick haha Almost as lame as constantly bragging about drugs and prison on a forum lols
  4. Thankfully caught a late showing of Raw last night before it left the cinema. I thought each individual scene was great and the ideas behind the film have really lodged themselves in my brain, but I wish it went a little bit further with them and managed to say something a bit more succinct/cohesive. The film posits questions like is eating meat natural or a sort of learned process or even an addiction, and where exactly is the line drawn in regards to how humans should be treated vs animals. But it doesn't quite match those big questions Still though like I said it comes close enough, I enjoyed it the whole way through, it is ridiculously gross (in the best way), and it still has one of the best trailers of last year
  5. Video is incredible but I'm def liking the song aswell. Like people are saying though, Kendrick has a precedent for misleading singles
  6. My first short film yo Made it for college with pretty much a €0 budget outside of the camera (GH4) that I bought a couple of years ago. Just me and a couple of my mates shooting it over 2 days, using skateboards instead of tracks and stuff. Was pretty fun
  7. Absolutely loved Get Out. The acting was phenomenal imo, the script was incredibly tight, and it just had so much style Granted I'm a huge fan of these sort of genre films in general (Cabin in the Woods, You're Next, The Guest).
  8. Now if only the film called him out on his rhetoric and had a character basically tell him that instead of romanticizing the innovators, he should actually innovate aswell. But tbf that would require actually paying attention, lol!
  9. Speaking of both of those people, I watched Chungking Express + In the Mood for Love last week, and then finally saw Moonlight last night. Loved Chungking, and even though ITMFL didn't click with me quite as much (I had to watch it in parts because I was wrecked and fell asleep the first time), I think I'd actually prefer it between the two with a rewatch. For me though Moonlight > both of them. The last 20~ minutes in particular had the weirdest intensity to them that just had me absolutely enthralled.
  10. yea idk, maybe it's just the way I'm reading his posts
  11. I honestly don't like being mean to random people on the internet but seriously does simplicity sound like a 10 year old to anyone else? Some of the stuff you say man, jeez...
  12. Watch the film and get back to me. Or don't, w/ever
  13. This fkn song. The scene itself is absolutely incredible too
  14. Saw Hidden Figures as part of this "Screen Unseen" thing Odeon cinemas do where they show a secret film a month before release. They release really vague clues on twitter leading up to them and most people thought this one was gonna be Jackie. Wasn't too disappointed though, the film is quite good Their picks are usually unreal though, check out the list: http://www.odeoncinemas.ie/screenunseen/ And then went to La La Land last night. It opens so unbelievably strong with the first 2 songs that I did think it had a little bit of a hard time living up to those highs throughout the film. Although now that I'm a bit further removed from it, I'm starting to appreciate the melancholy route it took a lot more. Great film either way, still more hyped for Moonlight though
  15. Halfway through Stoker and it honestly feels like some weird hybrid between Hitchcock and Edgar Wright....so strange Rewatched Mad Max too. Still great, obvz
  16. Thinking about moseying on down to this too. Go over for the festival then stay a week in Barca, could do worse...
  17. Rogue One was a solid 6 or 7/10. Outside of Ben Mendelsohn the characters were a bit meh but I liked most of everything else And man that Vader scene was almost too good. To the point where it sort of showed up what came before it and made me wish the film was even more brutal
  18. The dream Honestly man that sounds unreal. I'm in a film + tv production course atm but the goal is to use/transfer my video editing skills to end up in the game industry somehow
  19. Ah sure here's all the lads
  20. I've never got proper into a fighting game but I think I'd finally hop on board for a new MvC. Hopefully gets announced tomorrow
  21. Honestly haven't looked back since getting Spotify
  22. I haven't seen it but you said in the past that you really liked A Single Man didn't you? Well Tom Ford's new film Nocturnal Animals is in the cinema atm so check dat shit out mayne, its great
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