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  1. waddup Been looking forward to Hereditary for ages and I was SO hyped to see it this weekend, but now I realise we get it a week later than the US
  2. I agree with you overall, but I still think 2049 offered up a pretty compelling argument as to why life and consciousness are qualities determined by the person/thing in question and can't really be objectively decided by anyone else. Like if K and Joi existed in a vacuum without any interaction from the outside world, would their romance just cease to exist? I know Ex Machina recently explored similar things but idk, I liked the angle 2049 came at it a bit better And as a tangent to that, I really can't praise the character of Joi enough. She's so obviously digital that she really humanizes Gosling by comparison. So for like half the film you're like "I wonder if she really can feel anything towards him", and then it clicks back in your brain again that he isn't even a person to begin with. It just blurs the lines even further in such a great way
  3. Marky sort of alluded to it in his post but bruh https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/11/blade-runner-2049-knows-you-arent-special.html
  4. John Carpenter is just the man. His films are so much fun but never feel ironic or even somewhat cynical like some newer genre movies do
  5. Yea Blade Runner was insanely loud for me, as was Mother. When I went to a music festival over in the Netherlands back in June almost everyone was wearing earbuds to keep their ears safe and I've been sort of conscious of that shit ever since. Some films and gigs are just too loud imo
  6. Pretty weak trailer imo, it just looks really ordinary for a PTA film. And I hope it works out for him but the cinematography (at a glance) looks like very standard period piece fare :/ Going back over Blade Runner in my mind and it's really solidifying my opinion that Villeneuve is surely the most exciting "commercial" director out there. I genuinely don't think there is a single person out there that gives me more confidence when they get attached to a project than him. It's pretty much between him and Fincher for me Of course I'm not including writer/directors like Coen bros, PTA, Wes Anderson etc., but even then I think he can hang with those names
  7. Finally got around to seeing Blade Runner and I fkn loved it. The last 20~ minutes were absolutely incredible
  8. I'm with Ender on Mother!, had such a fun time watching it
  9. Only finishing off my first listen to it but I'm loving St Vincent's new album
  10. Obviously the gameplan was to take Conor into the deep end and tire him out, I just think it's funny how people act as if Floyd did that out of choice. If the fight was really, truly as easy as some people are making it out to be it would've been over within 6 http://i.imgur.com/SEzvGpw.gifv You don't take shots like that for the fun of it. Clearly it was a few millimetres shy of being massively significant, but you're fooling yourself if you think Floyd was aware of that
  11. Everyone comes out of the woodwork to talk a big game once the fight is over. Get out of here mate, probably the second fight you've ever watched Anyway congrats to Floyd. I don't think Conor was nearly as adventurous as he could've been. I was really hoping he'd come in with a massively wide stance and fight as long and as slow as possible. But in the end he just tried to box the boxer and got put away Still took 10 rounds to put away a supposed novice though
  12. I won't deny that I'm riding the hype a little bit, but I've been unsure of Conor's chances a few times before (Mendes + both Diaz fights) so I'm not just a blind fanboy. The main thing that has me backing him is that, for better or worse, he has 0 obligation to fight even remotely like a normal boxer. Some of the most difficult people I've ever sparred are the ones that just do the strangest shit with zero regard for form. Now if McGregor just went in swinging terrible haymakers then obviously he would get picked apart, but I really think he has an opportunity to get weird with how he comes at Floyd. And even though form is probably better than unpredictability over a whole career like Floyd's, I think it's enough to get big results in a once off. As long as there's no contentious finish (eg. Mayweather vs Ortiz) and McGregor doesn't try to outbox him then I'll be satisfied whatever the outcome tbh
  13. I 100% believe Conor will get the job done tomorrow night
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