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  1. I'm also from MA, HMU for customs or Arena. Gamertag: poobalu
  2. Gamertag: poobalu Looking for: Teams in need of a 4th for HCS Online cups, LAN events, or extended online competition (gamebattles, beyond tourneys, millennial, etc.) Competed at UGC 28k, but our 4th didn't show so we didn't place well. Previous experience in 1v1 tournaments on PGL with several first place finishes as well as many top 3. East Coast player from MA, full time job and willing to travel for events. @poobalu on twitter, Instagram, FB, YouTube, twitch, etc.
  3. I bought a team pass for the UGC St. Louis event at the end of October. My GT is poobalu and I've won my fair share of PGL 1v1 tournaments. I need to put together a squad to play at the end of October for this LAN event posted on UGC Events. Shoot a message to my GT if you're interested. I already paid for the team pass, and if we can put together a team fast enough I'll post a GoFundMe to try to cover travel and hotel costs. Hit me up on XBL, I have smart glass and will receive messages on my phone if I'm offline.

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