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  1. Chronic lurker checking in. Joined day 1 and minimal amount of posts. thought I'd stop by and see how the scene is doing, sold the xbox and built a pc so I am out of the loop with halo. Anyone kind enough to provide a quick debrief of the last 3 months?
  2. Nearly 2 months into Halo 5's release and I still haven't finished past the campaign. Why bother? Well done 343. Due to the massive drop in quality I now no longer care for what used to be a fun past time. Shame.
  3. 9am Sunday morning in Aus and can't find a game in a single playlist, one month out. I'm even timing out of warzone. Not to be another non-NA player pissing and moaning on TB about the population but this is terrible. 343 need to do something quickly to create some incentive for players to come back as their current sustain plan is just managing to rearrange deck chairs on the titanic.
  4. I don't understand this Req progression system. At least with Reach you could no life with a set of armour in mind and each game felt purposeful moving towards that end goal. With the req system being random, I honestly couldn't care less because you might get the armour you like in 10 games or in 500. The random nature detracts from the incentive.
  5. Even with a pistol buff, there are too many weapons which are basically instant death within their niche. At mid level play, if you see someone holding the storm rifle you might as well put the control down and wait for the respawn. My understanding of a utility weapon is a weapon that is competitive against everything else in the sandbox? I think the AR probably fulfills this role better at current due to how OP it is.
  6. Is MCC still region locked? I have the digital copy but on last update it became corrupt (#justMCCthings) and now I have to download the entire 65 gig again. Just considering if it's worth doing this, as although I'm tired of h5 there's no point re downloading MCC if I won't get games in 99% of the playlists because I'm from Aus. Thanks.
  7. Wow. This company though. Cheers for the reply.
  8. I might be missing something completely obvious, but where does one check the post game medals of yourself and other players? Used to be great to know the kill breakdown, has this been removed?
  9. Just under a fortnight since release and I am getting playlist error messages because the game can't find anyone at low onyx on a Sunday afternoon in team slayer and arena (aus). RIP #weback
  10. Good to see that if you're caught sprinting you can now get out of jail for free with the Spartan charge and completely strip an opponents shields. At least in Halo 4 if you caught someone sprinting with their pants down you could at least back up and 4 them before they sprint double pummelled you.. Looks like halo 5 is encouraging more of the mindless aggressive bum rushing that sprint already invokes. EDIT: literally just beat me to it ^ happens way too much in the video.
  11. Funny I was the opposite, I had read Fall of Reach (and all the novels except forerunner trilogy) and when playing Reach the game I was having minor strokes as the game basically stomped all over everything that had been established. Master Chief running through a minefield and getting missiles shot at him to test the Mk V (?) armour whilst there's a secret covenant invasion on the other side of the planet being fought by Spartan 3's that can jet pack and active cloak? Okay Bungie.
  12. To be honest I was quite unimpressed with the beta's graphics, very rough and I also experienced frame drop like others during some maps. Kind of frustrating that they can't at least lock down 1080p 60+ fps on a next gen console. If the final product is still 720 upscaled I think a lot of people (like myself) will be disappointed.
  13. Great video. Glad that the mcc is on sale with the xbone so the population gets a boost.
  14. I'm from aus too, and yeah I can generally only get games in Team Slayer. I think you're right about the local searching, I wake early and try and get a game while eating breakfast at 6am and can't get anything despite it being the American on peak. EDIT: Thanks above ^
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