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  1. Anyone else miss the small little things like heatmaps? Or Bungie's superior EXP system. Still crazy how we went from having in depth social playlists with EXP ranks for each one...to nothing. Bungie was a lot more focused on making their games last for years after launch it seems. The military ranks that were a combination of Rank/Exp and the military ranks per playlists based on EXP were one of the better things about Halo 3.
  2. If I had a better opportunity, I'd leave a team so quick. If my best avaliable option was joining someone who once dropped me, I'd do that too. I just couldn't imagine holding a grudge in Halo...team with the best possible people at all times. Anyone who let's drama get in the way of that...probably won't end up winning a championship in the first place.
  3. Plz god no this is not happening here No, his points are garbage that make no sense. "We're not going to give you social, so just head on over to the ranked playlists and pretend it's social" This is why searching solo sucks ass. Just like Josh said, there are people in matchmaking that don't care about their ranks. And guess what, we all get matched with them, ruining our experience. This is troll worthy stuff from Josh/343. Just go and pretend it's social, no big deal.
  4. Because I care and I'm getting matched with people on my team who dont care because there isn't a social playlist for them to go fuck around in. Everytime you post, I can barely reply because I seriously feel like I'm falling for a troll. Jesus christ man...no social playlist make sense? When the hell did you start playing?
  5. Do you guys think 343soft is honestly stressing about longevity and all that stuff we care about when they can release a game with the word Halo on it and make $100mil +?
  6. It's gone. All these new medals and we can't even look at them lol. #just343things
  7. Pink 2 or Car 2 on Truth is suicide. People randomly throw nades there all the time as it is, once they see a hitmarker, you're pretty much done. Played a team of 4 on truth, was crouching pink 2 with a sword, someone throws a nade, sees a hit marker, calls me out, and I was hit with about 6 grenades. Probably shouldn't be crouching p2...but come on lol.
  8. Grenade hit markers need to be removed IMO. So much grenade spam once someone throws a random nade and sees a hit marker
  9. You can whine about adapting all you want and you can say Halo 5 is perfect all you want. It doesn't matter when 343 fails to release games that last years after release. Forget the pro players for a moment, that's the least of Halo 5 problems. -delayed forge/big team battle until AFTER Blops3 and Fallout 4 and Battlefront come out -no snipers -no doubles -no multiteam/infection/action sack/etc -least amount of unique maps ever released in history -least amount of playlists ever in history -no social gametypes -lack of good DLC -no king of the hill -No oddball -No assault -worst custom game options in history -terrible theater, probably worst in history -only 2 objective gametypes at launch LOL -can't party up with players after game -can't talk to teammates on the main menu LOL -no matchmaking preferences -limited matchmaking restrictions -can't choose region to connect to LOL These are just the BASIC features that are missing. This is before we even start to talk about map and gameplay problems. I think it's BS you are so focused on people needing to "adapt", while always ignoring the real problems. The only reason this game has a chance to last more than the standard few month lifeline of 343s games is because of the prize money. See all those features I listed that are missing? Show me in what areas 343 has improved to justify castrating Halo. And I haven't even began to get to my arguement about your "adapt" crap.
  10. I wish it was a SINGLE starting weapon and ONLY power weapons on the map. From there, starting weapons could be random for every game. Carbines on Truth, then Pistols (4sk) on Regret, then BRs on Empire, etc... This would have been a better and more competitive way to incorporate a big weapon sandbox. Team BRs was good not just because it was a BR, but because everyone had the same gun at all times, minus power weapons, and pure skill and gun play won. No one had an advantage because they spawned closer to a better pick up gun. The FEW times I have fun in Halo 5 is when it's gun vs. same gun battles. You guys can't tell me you don't feel old Halo when you have a strafe/crouch 1vs1 pistol vs. pistol...the problem is its so rare. This is why thrust is such a big problem. If someone has a BR and I have a pistol, I'll pop 2 shots to see if I can get ahead, but if I can't get ahead, I thrust the fuck out of there. All these different weapon tiers at different ranges just makes people back down if they have the inferior weapon.
  11. Or Halo 5 just came out on a new console and they want people to buy that instead of just playing their old games? Idk, I think it's a valid business idea. Doesn't mean I like it.
  12. Any gun that beats your starting weapons at any range needs to be a power weapon that spawns once every 2 minutes or so in the middle of the map or spawn 1 per base. Fuck this "oh I have a better close range pick up gun than you have, I have an advantage" crap man. How is that fun?
  13. What do you guys do when you spawn? Go for the nearest rifle right off the bat or just wing it with the pistol? I feel like I do so much better with a carbine/dmr/br so I feel the need to go find one right away. On the flipside of that, my pistol game has gotten pretty weak because I don't use it that much anymore and I get wrecked with it against any rifle. Should I git good or what?
  14. Trolled hell of games using only the AR at all ranges, went from a 1.3kd to a 2.0kd. Keep abusing it, hopefully enough people will complain that it gets nerfed along with other automatics.
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