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  1. I can't imagine that anyone that still plays Halo 4 has bought any of the DLC (Other than the Skyline and Pit DLC), let alone all of them.
  2. Armor Lock is cancer and if you like Armor Lock, you support cancer. If you support cancer, then you're a fucking douchebag and you deserve to jump off of a cliff into a lake full of flaming laser sharks.
  3. I wonder what his reaction would be like the first time he gets cannon rushed
  4. Ooh boy, where to even begin? Adrift, aka Hallways the Map aka Sword Base reborn. Ragnarok aka CAMO SNIPER AT THEIR BASE. Doesn't help that every team I seem to be on has a gigantic blind spot the size of the Mantis and I have to drive it. Solace, which is easily one of the most poorly designed maps ever. Exile, which seems to be the only map that exists in Capture the Flag now. I withhold judgment on Complex because the only playlist I play that has that map now is Multiteam. Notice I'm not including any big BTB maps other than Ragnarok. That's because BTB is a gigantic clusterfucked shitstorm, Category 5 hurricane of anal devastation that is unworthy of even the harshest disparagement that a human or nonhuman mind can think of.
  5. They need to update Haven to the current map incarnation. Me and Goat just played like 10 games on that map and spawning as Red is so bad when your power weapon is the Needler. Other than that, it's pretty fun pretending to be Peyton Manning and throwing those miraculous hail marys. Oh, and increase the respawn times. 5 seconds is way too short for the gametype, even if we ended up mowing down everyone on the other team ad nauseum.
  6. I avoid Slayer like the plague. The fact that there are instant respawns and the most ass-broken ordinance priority ever (Why can't I fucking spawn with a SAW? The entire other team has them.) makes it nearly unplayable for me. I can deal with Boltshots because I had to get really good at baiting them out. I can deal with the Armor Abilities that make me want to rip my Xbox out of my wall socket and smash it with my controller. But having both of them combined with Instant and Dynamic respawning that makes positioning and aim a joke? Fuck that.
  7. Well, let's think of it like this. They've apparently (I don't know. I haven't really been in the loop since I saw Halo 4's CTF footage) been developing Halo 4 since Halo 3. That's 5 years for a game that pretty much everyone called half done. They need all the time they can get to make Halo 5 not a complete fucking disaster.
  8. The most populated playlist in Reach is Living Dead. Unless you enjoy being Alpha Zombie and running into people who are basically playing SWAT when the other team doesn't have guns, then I suggest playing something else. Preferably Team Objective, since that's the only playlist I can stand other than MLG.
  9. I was not aware 343 had released maps other than Skyline and the Pit.
  10. To be honest, this isn't really a whole lot of concrete information. I'll keep my rabid skepticism and pessimistic ranting about how modern FPS is on a gigantic, downward spiral towards mediocrity to a minimum until 343i makes a big announcement about the game features of Halo 5.
  11. I wish I had the oG Ghost. I had Reachtards and HaloBeeKay somehow. Surprised nobody thought of those GTs when the games were super popular.
  12. I'm pretty sure I stopped posting on both Waypoint and Bnet seriously because of this vague, asinine bullshit that passes for "arguments." As many have probably stated before, "fun" is a highly subjective term that is incredibly difficult to define. Your refusal to define what makes games "fun" makes everything that you say irrelevant to discussions. And yes, I know how to have "fun." Shocking as it may be, I don't just play a video game to make sure that I win all of the time and crush the hopes and dreams of children that want to become #MLG. Sometimes, just dicking around with friends against people we know are fifty times worse than we are or playing on huge handicaps against them is "fun," but that doesn't make a game good, let alone "Game of the Year" material.
  13. If I ever got back into playing competitively, I'd love for my parents and sister to come over and show some support. Having family in the stands watching and cheering is sometimes that motivation that turns good players into great players.
  14. Can we have this production for a 4v4 tournament? Holy crap, this is good. It's like watching GSL or WCS in terms of production values.
  15. I don't get why the Global Championship was set up as a Free for All. Halo's competitive aspect has pretty much always been in some form of a team.
  16. Even though I suck shit with the Sniper Rifle I can easily say Halo 4 has the easiest sniping simply because you can't get shot out of scope. Then there's the Beam Rifle, which is basically the Halo 2 sniper on crack steroids.
  17. Jetpack and Camo might be on more stand-offish maps like Reflection or the god damn Cage, but on straight up maps like Zealot or Asylum, there is nothing that can compare to the sheer mobility that Evade provided a player. The only Armor Ability off the top of my head that could even come close to the versatility of Evade is Dropshield in Objective, mainly because if a flag run started with a team with Bubble Shields, you better have control of rockets or the cap is basically guaranteed. Plus, you can't compare Promethean Vision to Evade. Seeing through walls has always been a fuckwitted, stupid concept which has been labeled as cheating in most other FPS games.
  18. Evade is possibly the most powerful Armor Ability ever. Thruster pack is pretty useful, especially on maps like Adrift, but you can't compare it to being able to traverse Sanctuary in two jumps.
  19. It's been 6 months since I've put the controller down. Now that I'm back, my original friends list have all quit Xbox. I enjoy playing Halo, but having braindead teammates every match while everyone on the other team is a wannabe AGL Champion is starting to grate on me juuuuust a little. If you're interested with playing with me, send a F/R to HaloBeeKay. P/S: I don't have DLC because I don't really bother buying any for any game. So no throwdown, sorry!
  20. Worst thing I can think of off of the top of my head is every Str8 Rippin team change after that 2nd place finish they got with Ryanoob and Naded.
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