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  1. I actually forgot that they implemented a ranking system within the game.
  2. You're completely missing the point. Halo's community needs to mature and realize that they can actually get together to create a decent tournament scene without the need for "leagues" to support a clearly toxic player base. Posts like that just prove what cT's trying to say, which is that we're a bunch of self entitled pricks that spit hatred upon anything that we don't like instead of actually finding a solution. I'll admit I'm probably one of the worst offenders in that case, but that's something I can say that I've easily toned down since the Reach forum days.
  3. MLG settings aren't being changed from v8, at least to my knowledge. The AGL event will be using v8 Halo 3 settings.
  4. Faster gameplay. Halo 4 and (Pre V7) Reach were abysmally slow if you really thought about it. Kill times have to be somewhere between 1 ~ 1.3 seconds so that individual skill can be comparable to that of great team execution. Obviously, having both would be highly beneficial. I really don't care about a balanced sandbox mainly because attempts at doing so inevitably end in failure (refer to Halo 2, 3, Reach, 4) and as such, I find that just making unique and enjoyable weapons (see Grenade Launcher in Reach) is better than balance in many cases. A good netcode would also be required since the biggest frustration I had playing Halo 3 was knowing that being off host on my potato powered internet meant that 2/3 of my BR bullets would suddenly turn into poptarts. Of course, Halo 5 is supposedly getting dedicated servers, but time will tell if 343i fucks that up or not.
  5. Strafing's not that useful since there's so much autoaim on the BR and DMR.
  6. You literally lost all credibility from your first sentence.
  7. Probably not. The core gameplay is legit awful; not even no sprint could have salvaged this game due to Descope, the ******** amounts of autoaim and the gimped objective gametypes.
  8. how lazy would you have to be if reading more than a few paragraphs insults your intelligence?
  9. Adding onto that, make the spread pattern predictable like Counter Strike so that it actually rewards people who know how to control it instead of those idiots (AND I KNOW YOU'VE PLAYED AGAINST THEM BEFORE) who charge forward in straight lines with RT mashed down while chugging their Red Bull in their special hats.
  10. does it look like i'm joking. ask a3lg or matclan. My internet is literally so awful, it can create a black hole in game where everything just flies towards the center of the map and dies from invisible backsmacks.
  11. I got host once in Halo 3 and then the other team accused me of standbying. THAT CONNECTION SPEED THOUGH
  12. if it leads to a Halo game that doesn't make me want to rip my pubic hairs off when I play, then by all means delay release.
  13. Halo 4 was the game that made me stop playing Halo so please, don't let MS remake Halo 4 for Xbox One.
  14. Power weapons are map control items. Snipers, Rockets (Pre Halo-Reach) and the like are all used to either gain map control or deny it from the enemy team. The same goes for power-ups. tbh, you could probably summarize every game ever as "Map control" since information is the most powerful weapon in any game.
  15. tbh, I had a suspicion that if 343i tried to "spruce up" the playlists in Halo 3, they'd end up with Fiesta Slayer replacing Social, Ranked playlists being removed and CTF being glitched so that grabbing the flag makes you unable to drop it.
  16. What could possibly require 6 gigs of RAM for Ghosts?
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