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  1. still cynical skepticism from me. We all remember how it turned out last time we thought Halo was saved.
  2. I want to BELIEVE THE HYPE, but something in the logical part of my brain can't help but think that nothing's going to come out of this event.
  3. I died at the post describing "reactive" and "situational" skill. wtf lol
  4. Would you rather play Halo 4 with Reach's pre TU armor abilities (non toggle) or Halo 4 with Halo 3's netcode?
  5. Would you rather play pre TU Reach AR Starts or Pre patch Halo 2?
  6. Well maybe I'll have a reason to actually care about the 4th one if any of my nerd friends still have me on their lists.
  7. I really haven't cared about the Waypoint "community" since 2012.
  8. Why u bring teh nostalgia back? Now I have to crush my dormmates in Halo 2.
  9. Guys, didn't you know? Halo 4 was the beta for Halo 5.
  10. I could always predict where the other guy would spawn but my sniping was similar to that of an epileptic, even if my BR/DMR/Utility fucking weapon could 1v4 another team. Massive props.
  11. I honestly never noticed Bloom in Anniversary gametypes. Spamming RT on my 1000 ping connection seemed to be about as effective as pacing.
  12. You don't think that Exile is the perfect 5v5 CTF map? GTFO scrub
  13. Guess it's time to make my psychiatrists worry about my mental stability again.
  14. Nah. The best part was when you pressed X to advance to the next static character telling Chief what he needs to do.
  15. That's complete bullshit and you should know it. The competitive community wants ranked playlists and good core gameplay so that the game can be played competitively. It isn't about forcing people to play "competitive settings." It's about getting a game that can engage people for a long period of time. As Halo 4 oh-so-wonderfully demonstrated, watered down, boring and dull generic first person garbage is about as appealing as rancid horse manure. In fact, more competitive game modes would be wonderful for a competitive minded player because it adds a new dimension of strategy and thought process to maps or game flow. I don't know where you got this idea that the ideal game for the community would be all ranked, but it's completely false in every way.
  16. How does the casual community suffer from having more gametypes and more game options?
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