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  1. I mean you can make the games look fast, but the truly fast games like CSGO define their speed through tense, twitch reaction gunfights and on-the-fly tactical planning. I can't see a Halo game, or even a triple A game period catering to a demographic as hardcore as that.
  2. sometimes when i have to play jungle, i just end up buying like 30 green wards and 10 pinks and the entire map gets lit up like a firefight in the middle east.
  3. I had three promos to Silver II a few days back. The first one I lost because despite giving the other team's botlane a Thresh Prince spanking, every other lane played like they had tumors on their fingers. The second one, my dorm caught on fire and I had to evacuate in the middle of my third game. Finally I just got mad enough to where I was ignoring the enemy harass and just flaying them back and hooking them after for easy kills. Even against OP Leona.
  4. Thought provoking discussion brought to you by the MLG forums.
  5. Dead Island? They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren't they?
  6. Twisted Treeline's meta is so weird. Nothing but bruisers and mobile sustained damage mages.
  7. It would be a massive copout if they didn't release it with campaign. I don't even like playing Halo campaigns, but releasing an Anniversary game, a game that's specifically marketed for nostalgia purposes without a huge part of the game experience like the campaign is a ripoff and should be boycotted for developer laziness.
  8. If you're wondering, Silver isn't any better than bronze. If it wasn't for the fact that I regularly lane with Platinum level ADCs so that I can buttdevastate any dumbass silver laner that thinks he can out trade my Thresh/Lulu mechanics, I would probably be complaining about ELO hell or some shit like that. I had a Jinx that built a Statikk Shiv first before rushing into a Cutlass and Vamp Scepter. I didn't even realize she did that until one of my friends who was spectating pointed it out to me. We won since I was playing out of my mind but still, holy fuck it's hard getting people to do things even somewhat logically.
  9. Why would they release H2A without the campaign? Isn't that the entire point of the throwback?
  10. I don't want either of those shit mechanics in Halo, but to be honest, my optimism got dried out when Reach came out with the Armor Lock and ******** bloom bullshit. I want Halo Arbitrary Sequel number to be good, but god damn, the way things went in the past don't make me very hopeful.
  11. My only experience with clans has been filled with young children trying their best to imitate Nas and (Pre movies) Ice Cube all while having the shooting skills of a fried tonkatsu. Well, I guess I was "technically" part of a clan if you count a sarcastic troll Bnet group as a clan.
  12. You're not going to get button glitches in Halo 2 Anniversary, if it even comes out. Be realistic, Franky and the devs for Halo 2 were adamant about not having "button glitches" in Halo. I doubt that they'd allow even that much for a throwback game.
  13. I don't mean to be cynical, but that's extremely unlikely. The general nature of the First-Person Shooter audience almost guarantees that if Halo 2 Anniversary had multiplayer, a large portion would flock to Halo 5 simply because it was the newest title in the franchise.
  14. Please keep your kind of crybaby elitist filth away from the greatest game or my childhood.
  15. I don't know why you guys are still holding out for Halo 5 to become this savior. It's pretty clear that 343i is satisfied by the direction they're taking the Halo franchise in and little is going to dissuade them from continuing to drive it into the ground.
  16. What happened to the Knoxville tournament?
  17. Bronze is the literal thing below the bottom of the barrel. Nobody in Bronze seems to know what they're doing and when they think they do, they end up executing so poorly that often it would have been better if they simply just AFK'd at the fountain.
  18. I'm assuming that other big Halo tournament that used to be pinned was cancelled due to zero turnout?
  19. I will take single shot weapons over burst fire weapons any day of the week if it means I stop having random bullets disappear halfway through the travel distance.
  20. Wait, they're still doing playlist rotations? I thought those ended months ago.
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