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  1. i mean call of duty is falling in numbers too. idk why you'd emulate that of all things.
  2. Despite being a member for like 2 years now this is the first topic I've ever posted. Since the rise in popularity of the MOBA genre and of the juggernaut CSGO, I think that it's been proven that a game that isn't catered towards a wider, "casual" audience can still be massively successful if they promote it smartly. Knowing this, without any restrictions, what would bring back a sizable audience for Halo's multiplayer component, which seems to be a unanimous disaster by all polls I've read on Beyond, Reddit and even Waypoint.
  3. I'll adapt to halo 5 by not playing it. The greatest adaption of all.
  4. every post in that thread on both sides is fucking awful.
  5. rofl its a huge difference from source. idk wtf they were smoking when they said that.
  6. nah dude u forgot to poll the guys from bungie.net and r/leagueoflegends/
  7. i do because im a support main dont remind me pl0x
  8. no, a failure would result in the series being dead and abandoned. That's nearly what happened to Halo 4. Do you want another Halo 4?
  9. "oh yeah all u have to do is chase them around that corner where 3 other guys are waiting to kill u" idk what they say, I learned this years ago as FPS 101, don't chase someone you can't see anymore.
  10. support no sprint 2015 even though it'd take a miracle for halo to make a return.
  11. welcome to the rice fields motherfucker.
  12. u do realize that i was the single hardest slayer on our team right
  13. i dont know why but i actually kinda wanna get the game even though everyone calls it shit. or just get gold so i can play 360.
  14. wait wtf since when was xero a pistol squed alfa squad leader
  15. There's still a place for competitive FPS games on the market. Just look at Counter Strike; it's an absolutely gigantic franchise that can pull about a hundred thousand viewers for it's premier events. It's a juggernaut right up there with LoL. I don't know if Halo's ever going to go towards that route though, especially after seeing Halo 5 beta footage.
  16. i dont even have gold anymore dude. im pretty sure newt's still nerding it up in lol too.
  17. what would the point of that be though? all you're doing is moving faster then, which can be accomplished by raising everyone's movement speed higher. there'd be no point in doing anything other than sprinting around, blasting people before they can react.
  18. holy fuck you still play reach
  19. the first time someone told me I had to adapt to the new "mechanics" like Armor Lock, I pretty much knew I was in for a long, long and painful couple of years.
  20. realism is the least of anyone's concern if they're trying to build a fun game. let alone a competitive one.
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