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  1. i didnt even buy the game lol since everyone said that it was literally broken.
  2. nah udyr is fin-pfffft i cant even say that with a straight face.
  3. the best one i recall was after losing ogn winter 2013, the adc for samsung ozone said "You saw Piglet cry right? That means I won." that was pretty hilarious. and of course nobody can ever forget firebathero
  4. youve never seen the koreans trash talk have you they fucking destroy each other.
  5. im ready for console fps to never change for the next 10 years.
  6. i sure as hell don't consider it immersive for a spartan to suddenly turn into mario when he does that stupid ground pound.
  7. lol that's the worst division in terms of toxicity.
  8. I can't accept that argument. Making new players want to play the game doesn't mean you have to make the game boring and uninteresting or frustrating to play and watch. It's a cop-out argument for someone that doesn't want to admit that they fucked up on something.
  9. i can argue its jarring that i went from a playable game to the equivalent of air control.
  10. then make the game competitive instead of a fucking running simulator.
  11. because the game hates you and wants you to die.
  12. it was the same problem they had with the DMR in halo 4; nobody bothered leaving the base because they would die instantly to 5 shots from across the map from a guy they couldn't see.
  13. i mean if we're gonna bring up prize pools, cods is a drop in the toilet compared to ti4 or even the season 4 championships.
  14. i dont get how they think brs are leading to campy gameplay. campy gameplay leads to campy gameplay you dumb fuck. dont blame the weapon for making a problem obvious.
  15. no but its just a matter of time or maybe not since GO is shitting on every FPS right now.
  16. oh so the AR kids get spawn trapped and fucked for the entire game got it.
  17. At this point I'm half expecting dust_2 to randomly show up as a map.
  18. im ready for clg cod. Why should they? There's almost no reason for them to invest more heavily into the Esports department of a game that isn't even 100% functional.
  19. Yeah Unreal was born and made for a PC. You can't get the same sort of twitch action on thumbsticks.
  20. wtf lmao theres a guy on waypoint that thinks CSGO is a free game.
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