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  1. I might start playing Melee (semi-competitively) in the fall, depending on how busy I am, so I have some questions for some of the vets regarding starting out. I've heard that Cpt Falcon is a good choice for beginners because it forces you to learn the fundamentals, and I've heard the same thing about Marth, but it seems like Marth would be more difficult to start out with because you have to be so precise with the sword, because it does different stuff depending on where you hit them. I have no idea if I will prefer characters that are tech-heavy or not, but I'm pretty sure I will never, ever, main Puff, just based on my general preferences in games.


    Maybe some of you guys could talk about which characters you started with and how it turned out. Just so you know, while the last time I played Melee was probably about 13 years ago, I've been learning a lot ever since watching the Smash Brothers documentary.

    I started with Falco. If there's anything that starting out playing a space animal teaches you, it teaches you how to combo DI, since bad DI will inevitably lead to death. Falco can also help you learn how to control space with lasers, shield pressure with Shine-Short hop aerials, how to stuff approaches with your myriad of good hitboxes and your lasers, how to properly approach and play out neutral games and how to properly combo out of your startups. (Shine, Dair, Up-throw) He has all the tools to help teach a newer player how to get better at converting hits into stocks. He's just extremely unforgiving when you fuck up because of fast-falling (gets combo'd like crazy by everyone) and his awful recovery. 

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    aren't tsm and c9 going to be back in time for friday? 

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