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  1. I started with Falco. If there's anything that starting out playing a space animal teaches you, it teaches you how to combo DI, since bad DI will inevitably lead to death. Falco can also help you learn how to control space with lasers, shield pressure with Shine-Short hop aerials, how to stuff approaches with your myriad of good hitboxes and your lasers, how to properly approach and play out neutral games and how to properly combo out of your startups. (Shine, Dair, Up-throw) He has all the tools to help teach a newer player how to get better at converting hits into stocks. He's just extremely unforgiving when you fuck up because of fast-falling (gets combo'd like crazy by everyone) and his awful recovery.
  2. kind of weird to see c9 shit the bed so hard when they were destroying everyone like a week before.
  3. New client's scheduled to be released alongside sandbox mode and replays :^)
  4. i saw ge tigers dude they look like they'll crap in c9's pants and make them wear em.
  5. aren't tsm and c9 going to be back in time for friday?
  6. i cant wait for lcs to resume on friday.
  7. i'm just convinced iwillgetshaton has some sort of button he presses every time he plays with piglet that turns him into a shitter.
  8. will clg halo make their fans feel the pain of clg prime? find out next time on C. L. G.
  9. nah the real pain is when you get people in plat 3-2 who try super hard for diamond but are too thick to realize they're really bad at the game and don't deserve it.
  10. then why even call it sprint it's just an illusion of sprint, which makes the title of your thread misleading.
  11. good good let the hate consume you then you'll be diamond in no time.
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