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  1. Not 100% sure on this, but there is an "unread content" link at the top of the page, and also in threads there is this indicator as well.
  2. Heads up to embed tweets, copy and paste the regular tweet link and wait half a second for the embed. Dont need to do anything special.
  3. Yes. You can also cancel your rep choice and choose another if you made a mistake. So if I neg rep you by accident, I can change my option to + rep.
  4. I have been nerd raging about this for about a month. Caused by our front-end overhaul on the homepage and it bogged down the forum. Fixed now.
  5. Been heads down with the team for over a year on this. Hope everyone enjoys. Also you can now react to posts with @TheSimms face, which is my favorite feature.
  6. Joseph

    Test Team

  7. This mentality is what leads to turning a Halo World Championship into a YMCA fish fry. You can hold people to a higher standard without being an ass about it. Especially true if they are trying to make $$$. Warning: They may call you toxic: feel free to ignore if the facts are on your side, as this is a pathetic distraction tactic so individuals or organizations can avoid taking responsibility for their own actions (or lack of actions).
  8. HCS already semi-supports our events on social and we have prizing covered, so it isn't like we just refuse to contact each other. Personally, I would rather see other content creators and streamers that are trying to grow get some shine from official outlets. This program would have been great when we were getting started in 2013 and I hope interested people looking to get their name out can take advantage. I am also a big fan of content. Limitations on creation irks me - to be fair 343 didnt actually make these games though, but they do have the power to potentially add to them it seems.
  9. Seems like you are selectively reading my post and are cherry-picking a few lines to focus on rather than reading as a whole. Regardless, I will respond. Let's unpack, line, by line, (a courtesy you have not shown me) - shall we? And after I am done, you should also respond, line by line as well. 1. "MCC not having spectator mode is indeed harmful to our scene, however, it does not take away from the competitive spectator experience" This is a contradictory sentence. A lack of spectator mode directly and substantially degrades from the competitive spectator experience, and causes a negative ripple impact across the board. a. LAN events are expensive to operate, requires manpower, equipment, staff, venue costs, security, etc. big barrier of entry for 99% on assembling the required personnel let alone the costs involved. b. Spectator modes in any game provide a low-cost avenue (aka low barrier of entry) for organizers to produce high-quality content around their tournaments (aka a broadcast). c. Low barrier of entry to produce events = more events occurring. More events occurring = more opportunities for players. More opportunities for players = more $ in players pockets. So I disagree with your statement wholeheartedly. A missing spectator mode in the game not only (and clearly) negatively impacts the competitive viewing experience but also sends a ripple effect through the community that makes it harder to produce content around events. Content is the king, without it, your event is dead when the tournament ends. Content allows the event to live on and is essential to produce whenever possible, which makes the event more valuable. Weird I have to spell this out in 2018. 2. Console esports and Halo thrived last decade on the first three games without it, so it seems like a cop out answer to say that is what is stopping you guys now. Sure, the internet was also fine when we had dial-up on AOL free trial discs, why not switch back? The internet was thriving on dial-up right? Thats the logic here. Yeah its possible to use the internet on a dial-up connection, but why would you want to? Halo thrived around 0 spectator mode because MLG poured thousands (probably more, actually, definitely more) into overcoming the technology barrier. That being said, you are grossly under-estimating the infrastructure in place to simply host and handle event ops, while also completely misunderstanding and severly undervaluing the inclusion of a basic spectator/observer mode being included in an esports-centric title. While other games hand their communities the tools in-game, Halo never has until Halo 5, which is now over. So if the game is MCC, they should look into adding those tools, especially if a "Grass Roots" push is a priority. Also as far as your "cop out" comment - very laughable. Are you copping out of acknowledging we held a $500 Halo 3 tournament 3 days ago? You don't need to sign up for a community program to support something. Maybe try hosting one yourself? + 110 Halo 5 events and $90,000 into the Halo community + easily 30-40 Halo broadcasts (probably more I would have to check), I would hardly consider as copping out. Appreciate the comment though - really did give me one of those "lols" without laughing out loud. Kind of a heavy breath through your nose, you know? 3. "I do understand that Beyond has never been the home for classic competitive Halo and your staff has no interest in attempting to operate a LAN event" Wrong on both statements here, also seems like bait, but I did say I would respond line by line, so here I am. Unless you are staff on an alt account (you have 5 additional accounts + this one, and none are staff ) you might want to hold off on saying what we are/are not interesting in doing, as you wouldn't have the slightest idea. 4. Is the lack of "api" a legitimate reason not to apply, or is just that a few people's egos and prides are hurt? The lack of an api is simply another barrier of entry, which as a tournament operator we are required to consider. Not impossible to run events without an API, Rocket League and Call of Duty don't have an API for example - but both of those games also do have robust spectator modes. Content is important in general and extremely important to me and the team. A game missing an open API (an extremely useful tool used to verify matches for online events, as people lie and cheat, etc.) and a game missing a spectator mode as well is simply a title filled with roadblocks - and potential problems. Most of the time you simply look for the trade-off: Okay no API, but has a spectator mode, and the community shows up, cool. As far as the "egos and prides" are hurt comment. I have been around competitive Halo for over a decade, my skin is pretty thick at this point. If this were the case we would have shut the site down at the start of Halo 5 in 2015 when studio heads decided to call me personally and let me know that Beyond is a "toxic community" and proceed to blacklist us from media copies over an article that said Halo 5 was missing a few gametypes. We then proceeded to operate Halo 5 for (3) years, and again, pump $90,000 and 100+ events into the scene. So that isn't really a valid statement whatsoever. Maybe you were unaware, or werent trying to be malicious - but either way a ridiculous comment. 5. Halo 5 events was wonderful for that community, but now the devs are (for the first time ever?) willing to financially support and assist in other ways, social spaces like TB and you guys are gonna No Show it? I can see you registered in 2018 (not sure about the other 5 accounts), but if you have been around since 2013-2014 (when we launched). - There was no HCS. - No million dollar events. - We had AGL that ended up stealing money from the community. - Events in the basement of magic card shops, etc. 2013-2014 is when we brought in ASTRO and started running our own events on Halo 4, then MCC (when it was broken, too) and then Halo 5. Beyond has been running a grassroots program for 5 years. Growing our social channels (especially twitter to 100,000+), supporting Halo creators streams, and content, + lobbying to have talented community members officially hired or to be contracted to cast certain outside events, etc. Simply because the HCS has decided to launch a program that does the same kind of things doesn't automatically require us to jump on an application, we already do it, and they already support (Muggsy has been doing a good job). So to say "why not just apply and accept the benefits", when we already figured out the path years ago isn't a cop-out, and that comment, again, is extremely misguided. So all of these questions to me, now its my turn. My question to you is: what is stopping you from hosting events, Squatting Bear? Beyond has hosted hundreds, on our own. Why don't you apply? You seem invested enough in the scene (at least invested enough to criticize Beyond and disregard what we have done, independently, and suggest we are "copping out") - I think the grassroots program would be a great place for someone like you, who cares about the scene, and is invested into classic Halo esports, to get started, and get the ball rolling. You did say they support financially and in other ways, so that is indeed helpful. Did you fill out an application? You should.
  10. If you shower before the event you will be turned away at the door. Fedoras: mandatory.
  11. Yeah, it totally would be, not really what I was saying though. That was sort of just the icing on the cake so to speak. We are expanding into other games as I mentioned, and think we are in a solid place with our prizing and promotion, also as I mentioned, (prizing and promotion are the direct benefits of the grassroots program). With Halo 5 esports being axed, MCC not having a spectator mode or api, and Beyond not being a Halo LAN operator - applying doesn't really make much sense. Beyond not being personally contacted was something that was noticed (notice I stated "on a personal note" and was not the sole reason driving our decision not to apply. I will probably edit my post to clarify this a bit though, as I can see that my wording/lack of detail in a sentence or two could potentially cause some confusion.
  12. Totally random fun tidbit that I could always talk about, but never did because it obviously didnt happen: I was working with Che and Josh Holmes on Beyond BR/Pistol skins in Halo 5. They departed the studio shortly after our discussions and it never happened - may have been staff bandwidth issues in there adding additional skins as well iirc. Would have been cool though.
  13. To be perfectly candid Beyond has been operating Halo events for 5 years: 99% of these events were free to enter, featured cash prizing, with most of them being live streamed, not to mention working with major companies in the space like ASTRO Gaming, Elgato, DXRacer, (and one of my personal favorites: working with Gamestop to land TOX on the homepage of Gamestop.com) all of whom cross-promoted our Halo events to their large audiences on social media at the benefit of the Halo esports community and Beyond. Through our teams independent hard work (nobody running interference or speaking on our behalf to land partnerships) we were able to bring these brands into the Halo community and organically create money-making opportunities (by the thousands), while most others involved were being paid to be there. That entire time if you recall, we had Adam/MLG on the forums because they cared about the community - even though they weren't operating anything official, I respect that and can relate to the feeling of always having a connection to the scene no matter what. The HCS/343 team reached out to certain Tournament organizers and content creators before they went live with their HCS Grassroots Program announcement - Beyond was not involved in any of these preliminary discussions and we were not aware of the announcement, which was disappointing, to say the least, but I suppose not entirely surprising. With Halo 5 esports being axed, MCC not having a spectator mode or api, and Beyond not being a LAN operator - applying seemed like it might not make sense. Over the years I have reached out a fairly decent amount (most of the time with no avail) to work with 343/HCS, and to give them credit they have worked with us in the past to be placed on the front menu of MCC/Halo 5, and I am always grateful for those opportunities - but it also sparks even more curiosity around the grassroots announcement. So to answer the question: will Beyond apply to the grassroots program. Doubtful. The Grassroots program has some great benefits, and I hope it works out for everyone involved. We are always open to a partnership, cross promotion, etc. but at this point, I think we are in a great place as far as prizing and promotion are concerned (of course prizing can always be increased, but you get the idea) - and on a personal note I think it is clear that we weren't contacted for a reason regarding the HCS Grassroots Program (whatever that may be, I am unsure). Regardless, I am excited to continue expanding Beyond into new territory with our team and tackle new challenges in esports. P.S. I am always cooking up something for Halo though with the team
  14. Until you get a robocall from me at 5am "hello can I have a moment of your time to discuss beyond premium for only $4.99 ..."
  15. It isnt rocket science, but not an easy fix by any means. We have some things on the way that will directly combat this issue.
  16. Totally. I had a whole new level of respect for COD ever since Black Ops 2. The game has its own in-depth strategies that people write off due to "LOL COD" or just the quick kill times. I love watching high level cod.
  17. For sure not as "easy" as some suggest. Scump, for example, is just playing on another level. The reaction time and quick decision making is just insanity to witness.
  18. Not idiots, but I think being forgetful or just flat out lazy is a big factor here. If you can create an account, find the tournament, make a team with a custom team name, you can for sure invite (1) person to your roster. No excuse.
  19. Byes happen when players reserve a spot and then dont invite teammates to fill their roster. We run events for multiple games and this is a recurring and noticeable problem in Halo (even during H5), I will give you a statistic real quick: Morning of H3 Event: We had 5/32 teams that actually invited a teammate (2v2 event so only inviting ONE person). Five. out. of. 32. We then have to mass message everyone to fill their roster, and generally, that works decently. Morning of any given Rocket League Event: 25-30/32 full teams (for 2v2 or 3v3). We then message a handful of teams to fill and it usually goes pretty easily. Literally, just people being forgetful or lazy. The community needs to put their money where their mouth is and show up if they want more events across the board. We have some things in the works that will help combat this issue, but ultimately it is on players that sign up to invite a teammate so they can be eligible.
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