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  1. Thanks. Yeah the new mobile site requires more processing resources than the previous mobile version, as the complete overhaul/update added a significant amount of responsive features.
  2. Must be an issue with edge. Chrome/FF don’t experience this.
  3. You can also turn them off here: https://teambeyond.net/forum/notifications/options/
  4. The green bar never showed up on mobile in any version on Beyond. Old Mobile version: New Mobile Version:
  5. Not anymore, no. We cleaned up some of the groups (we dont offer premium anymore). We might bring it back in the future. I also wanted to say the whole team appreciates everyone that purchased premium and supported the site while we offered the program - really did make a big difference.
  6. We are testing out the new system with "individual reactions" - but he specifically mentioned no green bar and not being able to see his rep. You can also just click on any reaction to a post and see who/how many people left them.
  7. Both were causing issues with SSL, mainly signatures. We are looking into bringing back signatures possibly though, I have some memes in mine that I want back.
  8. Yep, there is a “clear editor” option though at the bottom of the text box, that will clear any saved text. I can look into it but it wouldn’t be for a while if I’m being honest. #classichalo #devsupport
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