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  1. Ex 343 Pro Team at the event seeing the new pro team announced:
  2. I guess I’m also confused because they were getting messages in game. Are they using Xbox live profiles?
  3. So it is possible? My first thought was maybe it just had something to do with the LAN/XBL profile setup or something?
  4. Any reason why players can’t use their actual names in game? So hard to follow the killfeed with the current setup.
  5. Still issues? I had to run out, but I saw they were working on resolving a few hours ago?
  6. Gameplay is glitching and a giant black bar on screen for anyone else? edit: black bar fixed I think
  7. Hoping everything goes smooth this weekend, GL to everyone competing!
  8. Can't wait for one shred of information about this game...
  9. I was reading that - just seems like the laws making everything difficult are unavoidable which is unfortunate
  10. At this point with Halo Esports being more irrelevant than it almost ever has been (pre Halo 4 / AGL comparable), streaming on the Halo Channel really doesn’t matter at this very second. This concept changes when the franchise actually has generated substantial interest (this will be whenever they release a brand new game title) paired with an official league backed by the publisher - that’s when you want to be on the official twitch outlet (IMO). Building your own channels is important, but it’s always a process.
  11. The game itself isnt great online and is halfway decent on LAN, but the experiences I had on the game when it was at its peak and the people I met at MLG events / watching everyone grow up are what made it great for me personally.
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