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  1. Realistic fear that those big teams who picked up Halo Rosters wont keep them around on salary for a full year.
  2. Coffee. Toast. Extra crispy. I think an interesting topic is how the gap between games + this new infinite delay impacts communities that built their audience around Halo and never switched or looked into anything else. Tough time. Shout out to everyone sticking through.
  3. Does this article read almost like giving feedback is negative? If it wasn't for that pesky feedback we would have a new Halo sooner. If this is actually the reason the game was delayed then hats off to 343 for making that call.
  4. What are the sources on the MP being split from campaign?
  5. FYI: We also added the grappling hook as an emote & reaction on the forum. You can now immerse yourself in and out of the game by getting others 'hooked' on your posts. Or use the hook as a reaction when someone is 'reaching for new heights'. Hope this helps. Enjoy.
  6. Sounds like you out skill3d them in this scenario
  7. Honestly, if the grappling hook is treated as a 'power weapon' on competitive mp maps, we would see some pretty crazy plays. I wonder how far it goes. Can you grapple a flag? Could you snag an oddball out of midair? Imagine
  8. I keep thinking about what Ryanoob is going to do with that grappling hook in a 49-49 situation back against the wall
  9. I’m not seeing enough red circles guys.
  10. Tournament idea: Grifball but grappling hooks only. $10K prizepool.
  11. H2C social playlist filtered to BR starts is the most fun I have had in a while
  12. Honestly. This would be badass. 10 sens quickscope back to the future slide?
  13. I am sure they take the pro team feedback seriously - because like you said, what is the point of them being there if not? I don't think it's just a 'PR' thing to say they have a pro team, they don't really need to do that tbh. That being said, I'm sure the pro team and 'main mp team' (for lack of a better term) have their own ideas that conflict, that's normal anywhere. All that matters is how bulletproof the case you make for your idea is, and if someone is willing to consider a different point of view (on either side of the argument). If your idea/case is riddled with holes, then you give someone an easy justification to dismiss it. If your idea is bulletproof but falls upon deaf ears that are unwilling to entertain a different approach, then it will also be dismissed. Fun
  14. *Speculating* - Walking into a corporate AAA structure with an established hierarchy and direction was probably an interesting experience - even more interesting if they disagreed with planned direction decisions (again, I dont know). The original pro team (imo) was stuck between a rock and a hard place because they were much more accessible to communicate with (twitter, forums, xbox live, etc.) so they would catch the heat publicly on certain decisions, but the reality is they probably didn't have any control over most things. Probably frustrating when the community raged against the machine on a decision and you can't say that you at least tried to fight it due to an NDA. TLDR: Take it easy on the current pro team
  15. H3 has been really good so far on PC, I did see they patched out dirtying weapons. Not sure how I feel about that considering there was an entire 'meta' around dirtying the enemy teams snipe and throwing off weapon spawns in general (The Pit is probably the best example where you can make a big impact doing this). I guess you dont have to worry about it now I suppose.
  16. Out of all things Halo Esports related, I would say that this has been the most consistent theme from a community level. It is interesting to see pro players and community members blindly co-sign an "organization" with 0 track record - and then act shocked when it is apparent the organization cant handle even the most basic business functions (i.e. doing what you say you are going to do). Not to mention that operating an esports team in particular is (imo) one of the hardest routes to take in esports - where even the most well oiled start-up teams have a hard time staying above water financially. Not sure if a players association would solve that, definitely wouldn't hurt. Ultimately, giving people coming into the space talking a big game/waving around cash a harder analysis / required speculation should be a default. I think it is worth thinking through who you are associating your name with, but it doesn't seem many people are thinking along those lines when big promises are made. Same old story.
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