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  1. Any Halo guys in Ohio be sure to post your gamertags in this thread Along with any upcoming LANs or tournaments
  2. Glad Halo is getting some shine on Twitch Rivals. Hopefully more to come soon.
  3. I wonder where this came from - that wasnt gameplay clearly? New trailer was still solid though, wanted gameplay but I wasnt really expecting it.
  4. Not really devils advocate if it is a true statement. Could potentially (and realistically) be less than 10k if streamed on a channel with 11 followers - is basically what the concern would be here. Hope it goes well for them. Seems like we have come full circle.
  5. Mhm. Remember when everything shifted to Twitch.tv/Halo for a while? I remember.
  6. Looks like the DreamHack stream will be broadcasted on a brand new twitch channel instead of /Halo? Do I have that correct?
  7. Definitely not. Too much $$$, and then you can try to sell those spots but I am not really sure who would be buying them.
  8. Yeah I always thought by their wording that each event would feature $1k prizing? So it’s 5-6 qualifiers that lead into a single $1k then?
  9. Seems like it, I dont think I have seen anyone else... I know Clutch actually announced it. I think Mikwen and Heinz just said they were moving to Seattle? Unless I missed their employment announcements. Or maybe they just like the Seattle weather?
  10. I like the addition of Royal 2 back in TOX for obvious reasons. Denial shouldn’t drop anyone unless Dave Walsh himself re-emerges from the mist to compete.

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