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  1. whats the market looking like these days? Total speculation: I would imagine 343 will have some kind of baseline that settings will be created from -- could be wrong though. Overall it was a great decision to partner with them 100%.
  2. Glad Halo is getting some shine on Twitch Rivals. Hopefully more to come soon.
  3. I wonder where this came from - that wasnt gameplay clearly? New trailer was still solid though, wanted gameplay but I wasnt really expecting it.
  4. Not really devils advocate if it is a true statement. Could potentially (and realistically) be less than 10k if streamed on a channel with 11 followers - is basically what the concern would be here. Hope it goes well for them. Seems like we have come full circle.
  5. Mhm. Remember when everything shifted to Twitch.tv/Halo for a while? I remember.
  6. Looks like the DreamHack stream will be broadcasted on a brand new twitch channel instead of /Halo? Do I have that correct?
  7. Definitely not. Too much $$$, and then you can try to sell those spots but I am not really sure who would be buying them.

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