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  1. The greatest comment "Halo 4 is not a bad game the game play is the best by far of the halo trilogy"
  2. I define automatic as holding down the trigger results in the weapon firing as fast as possible By exact same properties I meant literally the exact same; both guns would have the same ROF per bullet, damage, clip size, recoil, and anything else. Obviously, this will never be the case, but for the sake of my argument an automatic version of this weapon would require less skill than a semi-auto one. I'm not comparing a certain automatic weapon like the assault rifle to a utility weapon, as there are too many other factors to consider when deciding skill. However, to address your initial argument, I don't feel there is a reason to have a mid range assault rifle. There are already perfectly acceptable mid range weapons; what does a buffed assault rifle do for the sandbox?
  3. Actually, the property that a gun is automatic makes it inherently less skillful. Consider 2 guns with the exact same properties, except one can be fired at the maximum rof by holding down the trigger (auto) while one requires individual trigger pulls. Whereas the first gun can always do maximum DPS, the semi-auto one is subject to player error through oversampling (pulling the trigger faster than the max ROF) or not achieving the maximum rof. Also, the automatic version can theoretically function as the semi-auto version if need be, while the opposite is not true The reason automatic weapons exist is that for some archetypes (lighting gun) it is impractical to require a click for every projectile.
  4. I can understand the immersion argument, but I don't think its true in practice. While it is theoretically more immersive for a spartan to be able to sprint, I don't feel more immersed when actually sprinting. For me, needing to press down another button to go faster, (versus simply pushing up on the thumbstick) makes movement feel clunky and unnatural. I would greatly prefer it if there was a "sprint-like" animation when moving forwards, while retaining the ability to shoot/strafe. Of course, my argument is purely subjective, but at the end of the day, thats what immersion is. Its a feeling.
  5. Jungling is more important than ever with the new dragon and baron. And its always been impossible to play a serious game without a jungler
  6. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
  7. So apparently, the widely disliked lean feature from Ghosts was removed from Advanced Warfare - A mechanic that made sense realistically (I'm a soldier, why can't I take cover?) - Was considered by devs to be more immersive - Was popular with other games too (battlefield, killzone) - But was extremely clunky and not good for COD gameplay So why can't 343 just take a fucking hint and remove sprint?
  8. I still don't understand why 343 can't just take everything they added in this game and just create a new ip with it... Would actually be interesting, and it wouldn't come with all the expectations associated with Halo And don't say its because the halo name sells; if that was true, then they wouldn't have to change so many things in the first place
  9. heh, I just got a nasty thought You know how holmes said on twitter that there is no accuracy penalty for hip-firing? What if there's a huge aim assist bonus for ads'ing?
  10. It just doesn't seem necessary imo, most of the time, you should already know what weapon you were killed with. You could then just communicate with your team to let them know what power weapons the enemies have.
  11. Just curious, what are your thoughts on the competitiveness of Dota 2? From how I (an outsider) understand it, the game has very deep strategy and meta-game, but is also subject to a large degree of randomness. Apparently, some hard carries can 1v5 effectively if they get certain random procs.
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