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  1. For those here who do not know Foge, he is the reason the H3 Classic playlist has such solid maps. He worked harder on that playlist than i did, and i had a 3 month head start.
  2. Top 3 in your opinion? I am not part of this current task, other than doing some technical cleanup on the finalists, but i am keenly interested in checking out the maps you believe would be suitable for HCS.
  3. If i'm not mistaken this is just the first iteration of this playlist. If population numbers are up we may see other classic experiences represented.
  4. These spawning issues did not appear in extensive testing, so i don't know what more we could do. These things usually only show up after the maps are released into the wild. In most cases we copy/pasted the respawn zones right from Guardian, and well, they work fine there. [/url] Actually just dropped in to let you know that we did get static timed weapons working in time for this playlist. If you want to feature them on your forge maps i will be making a tut later this week. Also, i know you guys love to bash all things but please give this playlist a shot. A high population in a 'no spartan abilities' playlist can send the signals you have been trying to send for years. Don't give up on it because one very specific detail puts you off. Also, i will ask about the shields.
  5. No spartan abilities, is the plan.
  6. "dirtied?" Not familiar with the term. Remember; Map Guy here. No Weapon Pads is the order i received.The way we are doing this is unique in the Halo universe. We are hiding 5 of each individual power weapon, within the wall or under the floor, and scripting them to snap into position with individual timers. This allows us to be accurate to the 20th of a second. If you are holding a Rocket at the next 3 minute interval the next one will spawn into place, if that's what you are referring to. If the Rockets are never picked up they will despawn 10 seconds before the next Rockets are scheduled to appear to prevent doubling of ammo.
  7. Before you read the following please remember my previous caveats; I do not speak for 343 as it relates to game type settings, and the settings are not 'set' yet. From my understanding they are hoping to include more than one game type setting. At the very least, here could be a traditional AR start variant with 25m Radar, and a no Radar 'sweaty' variant. Focus on the second variant (with no compromise) and i will present your proposal to the team. I believe the idea is to match the game types to each specific map. For instance, the competitive game types will be played on the maps you would have found in tournaments (Slayer on The Pit), and the more casual game types (AR start 1 Flag) would be played on maps like High Ground. I should also mention that myself and the Scripters Guild are nearing completion of extremely precise static power weapon timers. Right now we have Rockets which spawn on EXACT 3, 6, 9, & 12 minute timers. Today we are trying to figure out the scripts for proper cleanup for dropped weapons.
  8. If you are prepared to work with the forgers to help them custom tweak their maps to fit the game type i can pass that info along.
  9. If you guys can present a design doc with the reason behind each of your settings i will make sure the Classics team gets it. For example this is one from MartianMallCop.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZEeg1swYy-lZ8WJYZ_vTFfJSwP3JOXWwIgE2TQyZsZI/edit
  10. You mean the playlist which no one liked but was also one of the most popular temp playlists of all time? That one? Yeah, those were Halo 5 sized CE maps.
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