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  1. Fr3nd0 (it's a zero not a capital O) pls save me from this horrible twitch chat experience BibleThump
  2. are you telling me that you actually take twitch chat seriously, i feel for you -.-
  3. the focus right now seems to be on commonly and stellur but all i want to see is Lethul, Royal 2, Snakebite and frosty play, that team looks scary asf on paper
  4. updating tb formus and twitter, watching multiple streams at the same time, hard to keep up with all that's going on
  5. just when you thought you caught up, you refresh for 2 more pages to read -.-
  6. hi everyone, i go by the alias Fr3nd0 and have been playing halo since early 2008 i played through the h1 and h2 campaing at my neighbors place but being like 7yrs old id did not really appeal to me. i then later got to play h3 online and customs once. it all really started when my best friend got an xbox (grew up with ps, EU you know) and i immediatly told him to get h3 so we can play online. we had a lot of fun playing matchmaking but especially customs. stuff like fat kid, sky castle or crazy mexiacans are gamemodes i will probably never forget, the glorious days of h3 customs with the release of reach i had the money to buy myself an xbox to grind that shit hard. since we were 3ppl at most we never really played competitive stuff like mlg playlist or stuff but we were wrecking pretty hard in team slayer. alone i usually played swat and i was fairly good at it, dropping them killing frenzy's left and right. when h4 came out we were super hyped as most were. unfortunately it did not live up to it's hype at all and we stopped playing. as my fellow halo players stopped playing i was looking for a new game to have that fun feeling again. so the destiny hype began. bought ps4 (no regrets) and played destiny from alpha through beta and something like 9months into it. made a lot of friends online during that time, great game but sadly not for pvp. even though i still played the hell out of it. (top 1% player here) soon i became to realize that halo5 is not going to be the same disappointment as h4 was. now after having looked at it for a week (was watching streams all the time) i really wanted to return to it. so all of a sudden one of my destiny friends who left ps4 to play on xbox sent me a msg to sell an xbone for real cheap, that deal was a steal really. so now i have my xbone and will get my halo soon. really looking forward to play it again and maybe even compete in some 2v2 tourneys. oh and i have been following the teambeyond.net movement since day one and think this is the sole reason the community survived the real hard times we had. feel free to hit me up on xbox and send me a friend request, always good to have some players in your fl that enjoy the same game as you do see you star side
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