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  1. This is 343i.... not 1 person is gonna even get written up for this
  2. Ok good it's not just me who thinks that. Sometimes I'll just stop and stare at a grenade which has been lobbed from across the map, bounce 4 times, and roll as close as it can to me then explode.
  3. Can someone please explain grenade fuses in this game to me!!!???
  4. So did Formal get dropped without them announcing his replacement? I really don't see snipedown leaving apex, but I guess he could try to play both
  5. I'm far out of the HCS loop but going to get back into it with Infinite. Why does Mikwin have to wait a year before competing?
  6. Ah I see. You're the guy who says "I dONt kNoW, CAN yOu Go To tHe bAtHrOoM???"
  7. Did you literally already forget the 1st thing you quoted me?
  8. What I mean is why the fuck would I give a shit about the opinion of an obvious caricature? If you don't see that then you need to get your eyes checked.
  9. I wasn't referring to the business standpoint because I get that.
  10. Why the fuck does anyone care what Dr. Disrespect says?
  11. Why does the new AI always look like she just smelled someones fart???
  12. Question for yall: what percentage of people who are going to play the halo infinite campaign actually understand the story of 4-5? I only played Halo 4 campaign once and I never even finished Halo 5 campaign because it was so boring.
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