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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This. Since we can't descope, we might as well use the no sprint mod for future settings. Could make the game much more enjoyable to watch. One can hope...
  2. Free to play with an in game Ranking System, OMG what is this League?
  3. I want to throw up right now because of how much I love this game.
  4. Hey What's up everyone! GT: G1VeN Feel free to add me for Customs/FFA. Currently staying in San Antonio, TX. Let's get some LAN going ASAP!!!!
  5. I have always thought this about the duo. But they do have the ability to be completely serious and give us the hype that any e-sport might need. They just need to not joke as much and bring the viewers into an understanding of the fine details occurring in whatever game they are casting. Creating the "edge of your seat" experience. Hyping the small things that add up into the huge plays. Golden/Bravo do this exceptionally.
  6. Oh... there was a Ola Chant my friend. The stream must not have picked it up. It was pretty awesome to here the Ola Chant once again. edit- It was a pleasure being there and competing on mainstage top 32. I guess nerves are a bit real whenever your there for the first time. Could have given Golden and Bravo much more to talk about but was such an honor!
  7. Good games. I think i need more points because I came in 4th due to assists. It was a 3 way tie.
  8. Feel Free everyone to send an invite to G1VEN for Free For Alls. Lets get it going! All on week and next week.
  9. Does this mean players competing in the Championships have to buy a PAX badge in order to get in???
  10. Followed and subscribed! Please Halo gods shine down upon me!
  11. OS does seem a bit long on the 120. Especially on Abandon stalemates when both teams are waiting on the push to over shield to occur. 90 will allow for better plays to be made in quicker fashion making opp. team rely on better defense.
  12. I've never seen anything more beautiful...
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