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  1. European team top 10 is k. I'm missing those sketches do one of Franklin playing Halo 4.
  2. Halo Championship Globale!!! Rooting for the European and Envyus teams. Lets see how far they get...TSquared commentary good but could be better.
  3. Okay thank you very much for that. I apologize for the tone btw.
  4. LB Round 4 going on right now World Championship Europe. Interesting to see some players playing more of a Halo 5 playstyle i.e. more aggressive run and gun others playing much more conservatively. Is that depending on playstyle or how youre influenced as a Halo player?
  5. Why cant there be just a slight and automatic movement acceleration when walking/moving for a longer period of time without doing anything else? If I run around a huge map for instance without shooting, using any items/skills, throwing grenades, meleeing or other, there could be movement acceleration. One that isnt exponential or limitless (kind of from 20 mph then accelerate to 30 mph but it would stop there). That might eliminate the nuisance of having to press an additional button all the time and take care of sprint on smaller maps. Those usually involve constant fighting, which would prevent movement acceleration from being triggered.
  6. Yup, Halo 1 - 3 was so succesful in the competitive scene at least (and generally imo) because it was simple yet had huge gameplay potential in terms of variety of play and skill gap.
  7. Played Halo 5 the other day and it felt pretty good. Props to 343 for making this decent game, its fun and competitive. There's so much more complexity its a bit taxing in my opinion, bigger maps, more detailed maps, more versatility, more weapons, more players (game moved to 4v4, 6v6 and beyond), and, most importantly, more controls: sprint, thrust, clamber, plus all other "new innovative features". People's brains haven't changed in 10 years since Halo 1 or 2. If that's what the players nowadays want great, not sure if the numbers support it in terms of longevity. Cod is succesful because its easy after all. Looking forward to Halo 6, will buy the game.
  8. Halo CE: Didn't play competitively but mechanics and maps make it a 8/10 H 2: mechanics, maps, overall experience 9/10 H 3: br, net code issues but still great arena shooter and great social experience 7.5/10 H R Vanilla: Pretty bad 4/10 H R V 7: Better mechanics but still sluggish (slow strafe mostly) maps very mediocre, forge maps ugly 6/10 H 4: Overall a bad game, bad mechanics, maps....3/10 H 5: Stuck to not buying it after two disappointments but played and watched a little: liking thruster, sprint not sure, maps medicore overall seems 6.5 or 7/10
  9. I can see Arena Breakout playing a bit more like Gears of War. If its featuring the normal Halo 5 settings it'll be just another gametype. There may be potential. Also, 343 is listening. They realize nobody wants Kevin Franklin's Halo.
  10. The new forge mode looks incredible. It was desperately needing a variety of pallets/skins and four is pretty good. There's a potential of at least 3 unique-looking competitive maps now.
  11. Hahaha I knew Halo 5 would crash. Not gonna hold back my schadenfreude. So glad fans responded and didn't buy 343's game. When nothing (!) else works, you vote with your feet. The market has spoken. It has spoken and said: 343, I don't trust that you can make a good and reliable game. Everything that has been said in Jawshees post is spot on, it's not ALL about 343 or the game after all, its also the competition out there (COD, DOTA), changes in the gaming industry, the xbone and so on...but one thing I saw missing, which I have said before here is that 343 is lacking the talent of other gaming companies (I would name Blue Byte, Activision, Bungie and perhaps Treyarch in this context). That to me is one of the biggest factors. We'll see how Halo 6 will turn out. An even more drastic departure from the initial style to lure in new audiences? Or they'll go back to what it used to be: a simple yet deep (competitive) shooter.
  12. I played it 12 years ago or so and it was awesome. Most populated playlists weren't proper/normal Halo but snipers or shotties on Longest or Chiron T-34 with no shields. Don't expect good hit detection. On blood gulch you need to lead your shots like crazy. Also, there ARE modders around abusing the game.
  13. Thats fair enough but I'm surprised you would say this as a "H2" kid. Are you? Cause if theres one thing Halo veterans HATE about the spawn system of Reach and Halo 4 is that your whole line of sight would cancel out huge spawn areas. Or at least prioritize others. And the fact that the reticure would act as an automatic spawn cancel that would overrule all other factors was pure aweful. It almost broke the game to me. Reach and Halo 4. Ill take some annoying/inconvenient spawn situations over a terrible system any day. So glad they got rid of it in Halo 5. Now I would wonder how much weighting they give overall to line of sight. Edit: @@Clicked something to make a video about?
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