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  1. I don't own an Xbox One yet, so I'd just have to read up on all the spoilers. Can't say I watch The Walking Dead either :P If Dark Souls III were out tomorrow though...
  2. Great Halo 5 discussion guys. ... Not that there's much to discuss. Oh well. I agree that downloading patches prior to release would be helpful because every damn game these days has a day-one patch.
  3. Welp. http://m.neogaf.com/showpost.php?p=182001863 Unless we start switching characters in some missions, it seems we'll have an MGS2 situation on our hands.
  4. It seems like they took the Arena from Reach and greatly added to/improved upon it. Nicely done, 343.
  5. I don't know man, the fact that you play as Halo's twin brother for half the game upsets me. Halo doesn't afraid of anything, how do we know his twin brother doesn't afraid? This sort of thing really hampers my #immersion.
  6. So does everyone just flirt with TheIcePrincess when we have nothing to discuss?
  7. The ODST armor really is an exceptional piece of design. The only one I have an issue with is the H4 variant (343's artists blah blah), and their Reach design, where they don't really look like special forces, just like a normal soldier with some modifications to their armor (it also is just really busy visually) Their Halo 2 armor looks really good as well, really evokes that "special forces" look, possibly more than even the H3/ODST rendition, but the core design of the latter is just much stronger (not to undermine it's design though, it's still great). All of 343's character designs look more fitting for the Metroid franchise (they have some artists from Retro after all), and it seems like either don't either understand Halo's visual design, or just have a hard time "letting go" of their previous work.
  8. Jul M'dama, leader of the Storm Covenant.
  9. Well, we got actual spoilers: - Locke offs Jul in mission one. - Cortana is alive (ugh), and it has something to do with the domain (perhaps she took it over?) - Halsey seems to be trying to contact her - Chief goes AWOL to find Cortana I may have gotten some details wrong, but that's what I gleamed from the new footage.
  10. This annoys me so much. It was an initial worry of mine when they first revealed it, but it seems like the seeds are beginning to bear their fruit. I'm just really confused as to what Smart Scope was supposed to improve upon. It seems like it's there because, "People expect it in a shooter nowadays" or some crap like that. The thing that was great about Halo was that it was different from other shooters, and seeing 343 cave into industry trends so much makes me sad Edit: Smart Scope makes descope all the more jarring as well, especially since the default control scheme activates it by holding the left trigger.
  11. Halsey's face looks really strange here and I can't explain why. It's like she had a botched surgery or something.
  12. I didn't get much opposition/hostility when I joined Beyond. I've only gotten a small handful of neg reps, and I generally have insightful things to say (I think at least, you guys are the judge of that). I was a horrible poster in the THC days, though. Anytime I look at my old posts on any forum, I can't help but think what a moron I was.
  13. Incredible. "Previous games haven't launched with this mode people lots of people like. Why should this one?" Sticking to shitty precedents is stupid.
  14. Jesus Christ the formatting on that IGN article is a disaster. So is the playlist selection. I imagine we'll get a non-answer if they're asked why everything is so bare bones.
  15. The thing that frustrates me about the Spartan Abilities, thruster and sprint specifically is that it seems that 343 knows the adverse affect they have on Halo's gameplay. Sprinting comes at a sacrifice to your shields and thruster is on a cool-down, so these caveats prove that they KNOW that they are mechanics that provide too much escapability, yet they don't want to drop them because of current industry trends. Clamber, Slide, Ground Pound, and Spartan Charge all don't really add anything to the game with Clamber possibly being an active detriment, Slide basically doing fuck-all, and I believe it's gone on record that the latter two exist because they're flashy. The only SA I'm cool with is Stabilizers, really. So in the end, we're left with some frankenstein thing that sort-of resembles Halo at it's core, but desperately wants to cling to current trends to "stay relevant", and we end up with a half-assed game a result. I do hope more than anything that I'm wrong on that, though. I honestly feel like if 343 weren't stuck making Halo for an eternity (albeit willingly), they could come up with a really cool original game if they gave it a go. It's clear that the talent is there, but I feel that they don't "get" Halo, or at least the Halo that us here on Beyond identify with most.
  16. Man, Palmer being the final boss is crazy, guys. You don't even press LT either.
  17. Don't know if it's been posted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh_ Hello, out of place Muse song. Though it's Knights of Cydonia so it's sort-of acceptable.
  18. I still think it's a huge shame that Warzone won't be Forgeable. Even if we can't tinker with the AI, just give us the static versions of the maps and let people run loose. The Forge community is full of some absurdly talented people, and such a decision is just limiting their creativity. More stuff to work with is a good thing.
  19. I really don't see how you can think this. Not being excited is one thing, but this is a complete and utter overhaul of Forge on just about every level. I cannot comprehend how anyone can think that this is simply another step. Grouping alone is a game changer, and that's not even getting to lighting FX, the map grids, teleporter/man Cannon properties, the changes to the camera and magnets, etc. I will agree on the fact that we'll have to wait, though. It's a shame that this sort of thing has become the norm in AAA games.
  20. I really don't mind if a design is "ugly" as long as it exhibits some semblance of practical function (see some of the designs in Metal Gear Rising), and it's cool that there's lore justification for the changes, but so many of 343's designs have so much extraneous detail in the form of lines and crevices and lights and dents and seemingly random color patches thrown everywhere for no reason. Did Sangehli mechanics just have no aesthetic sense? Edit: Consecutive posts ahhhh
  21. As much as I like these tracks, and while they do carry the Halo sound, I agree that they are very "safe", and not in the sense that you could staple it onto anything else and it would work (though the Osiris theme is painfully dull next to everything else) but there's nothing unorthodox or noteworthy from what we've heard as Lemon said.(Aside from The Trials and Halo Canticles, but those are piggybacking off of the established Halo theme). Stuff like the guitar that kicks in on the Osiris Suite is more of what I would like. I also dislike that the percussion is just sort of off in the background, as percussion has been a HUGE part of the Halo sound over the years. It's actually something that I think Davidge captured reasonably well, despite him lacking in other areas. Kazuma is very reliant on strings by comparison.
  22. The Trials of Osiris P.S Sorry about the link issues, I was on mobile.
  23. Holy shit some full-length OST samples were released and they're so good. Here's the best of 'em. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4LLcP7pcIWU Based Kazuma. Edit: Link should be good now
  24. Mainly regarding the actual designs themselves. With the possible exception of the Ghost and Phantom, the designs just don't look good. The color choices clash horribly, and they exhibit 343's typical artistic tendencies to over-design everything.
  25. New blog about the new Covenant vehicle designs. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/ Ugh.

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