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  1. It's clear that she's crazy, yes, but going from having nervous breakdowns to, "All sentient beings must be subjugated to my rule," isn't exactly what I would a logical narrative progression. Perhaps hint that the Didact is alive and is manipulating her, for example. Maybe the logic plague got to her again, and a Gravemind is using her again. Maybe it's an Ultron situation; the desires and goals of the mind that she was based of off but without the empathy or compassion to keep it in check (Halsey did say that Spartans were our "destiny" as a species, perhaps Cortana's rule is a way to fulfill that desire). There has to have been something that occurred between Halo 4 and 5 to make her think like this (assuming 343 were good storytellers, of course).
  2. Then explain that in the script. I knew about the Didact and his struggles when Halo 4 came out. Did the game make sense to me? Sure, but that doesn't mean that it's grounds for 343 to leave out that crucial information. It's bad writing, plain and simple. If the effects of her rampancy are still present, then say that. Even if it is the case, the Cortana only says, "I got acces the domain, cured my rampancy, and now I think AIs are the real MVPs." What is this supposed imbalance in the universe that she's trying to correct? Humanity continues to rebuild, the Covenant is all but gone, the Didact is dead(?), ect. There is literally no downside to explaining these things. If your story can't stand on its own two feet and has to use outside material to supplement crucial elements of it, you don't have a good story. Halo 5 is easy enough to follow, sure, but characters need to have motive for the audience to care. It's cool that you think humans suck now, Cortana. But why?
  3. You know, it feels like Osiris' entire purpose was for marketing. Aside from the very end, they didn't really do all that much that was relevant to the central story; all of the major stuff happened on Blue Team's end (and let's not forget that the rivalry they hyped up so much in the marketing didn't exist). Even the Sanghelios arc, which sould have had significant gravitas since it entailed the end of the Covenant, simply felt tangential to the stuff with the Guardians and Cortana. The worst part about it is that other games have done this sort of thing better (see Mass Effect 3 with the Tuchanka arc). Now I'm not saying that it should've been the focus of the story, but when you have universe-changing events going down, even when they're not your primary focus, they need to have weight. It honestly felt like the marketing team and the story team were on different planets. The marketing campaign involved a much mor interesting premise than what we got. The dual ads with Chief and Locke, Hunt the Truth, the commercials, etc, all depicted something that was a far cry from what we got. The way Chief was being presented made it seem like he had committed some grand malfeasance, but instead he just wanted to see his waifu. And on the subject of Cortana... God, was it an awful decision to bring her back. Not only did they do a COMPLETE 180 with her character that came out of nowhere , but it undermines the impact of Halo 4's ending. Now while Halo 4 has a bad plot as well, the Chief/Cortana relationship was handled with some competency, at least. By making the story about him trying to reunite with her, you also undermine Blue Team's presence. With them, you could develop and flesh out Chief's character in ways that you couldn't have with Cortana, and it would also build on Halo 4's ending (John coping with loss, and not just the loss of a comrade, but of what was essentially a part of himself). There are so many basic storytelling fumbles with this game that I haven't even touched on, it boggles my mind. I guess this is the result when you grab the guy who wrote Spartan Ops and someone who helped pen Bioshock Infinite to write your game.
  4. I was joking. I still try despite my continual failure at such. Carry on.
  5. You should switch avatars. It's a better show than RWBY. You will conform to my own personal views.
  6. In terms of Reach's color scheme, I think it worked. The planet was boned, and both the tone of the narrative and the visuals reflected that aspect of the game. In terms of encounter design, while it was consistently good, I'll agree that it got old, but for me it was mainly because the game didn't do a very good job of making you feel like you were part of a global conflict. There weren't a whole lot of large scale infantry assaults or vehicle battles, it was mostly just small scale fights with a large vista showing you all the action, but never allowing you to feel like you were participating in them. (Missions such as Long Night of Solace and Exodus did the best at evoking the FEEL of a large scale conflict, though).
  7. I love Reach's art, so you're not alone Halo 2's visual weaknesses are more technical than artistic. It's still an eyesore, but still. I think people berate it due to the nasty texture pop-in and overall unfinished feeling to the visuals. EDIT: IcePrincess STAHP
  8. In regards to recognizable maps/environments, 343 does seem to have some strange aversion to the bold color palettes that helped define the look of Bungie's games. As much as I dislike their core artwork, they'd still be in a much better position aesthetically if they didn't choose such muted and ugly colors. And their choice of "ugly" colors doesn't necessarily mean that I want then to use super saturated colors (because when 343 does decide to do this it looks bad), just a palette that's logical. So much of 343's palettes are made up of colors that just don't work well together and clash constantly. Reach certainly had a more muted color scheme, but it worked because A) it made some fucking sense, and B ) Bungie has some awesome artists. 343 is 0 for 2 in both of those areas.
  9. I hate how Buck is basically a Joss Whedon character now. Throwing out quips and jokes every two seconds gets old. In ODST he did it every now and then, but it wasn't in an, "I'm funny" way, his humor was more sarcastic and subdued in nature, like it was a way to lightly amuse himself rather than everyone around him. He did it to put himself at ease to take the edge off of all the things that were occurring around him. He was slightly cynical, but focused. Sort of exhausted by it all, but passionate for the work he did, and cared for his comrades deeply. Now he's every other Nathan Fillion role ever.
  10. So is Chief actually gonna actually face consequences for being away without leave or will he be welcomed back into the fold like nothing happened?
  11. http://m.neogaf.com/showpost.php?p=182727830 The ending, and the cutscene where Blue Team meets Cortana. The ending was okay I guess but the latter is... Yeah.
  12. Someone needs to break the embargo before we all go into a frenzy.
  13. We got another. The leaks seen to be getting more and more true. http://i.4cdn.org/v/1444965394133.jpg
  14. Nobody has said this. People advocate 60FPS because it makes the game look and feel better, it reduces their input lag and is proven to make the time between your button press and the movement on screen shorter, thus resulting in more precise play. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen anyone in this thread say that 60FPS solves any fundamental gameplay issue in Halo 5, but at the same time, it's not a trivial difference. Once again, no disrespect, but if swathes of people are seemingly misinterpreting your point, it doesn't hurt anyone to clarify what you mean. Thanks for reading.
  15. No disrespect to you Lemon, but you really could have been more clear. Simply saying something akin to, "60FPS is nice but it doesn't solve Halo 5's fundamental gameplay flaws," would have averted a lot of confusion. Your argument was kind of in bits and pieces which didn't let everyone see the crux of what you were trying to say. Saying stuff like it has more to do with "visual comfort" also may not have been the best of things you could have said to support your argument (considering it's a tangible difference you can actually FEEL).
  16. Don't know if this has been posted already: http://kotaku.com/the-messy-true-story-behind-the-making-of-destiny-1737556731?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Twitter&utm_source=Kotaku_Twitter&utm_medium= Pretty much all of the speculation as to what went on with the game's development was true, and there are some extra nuggets in there as well. Good read.
  17. This news seems pretty big. Eager to see what it is. If it gets more than rather subdued reaction out of me, then it likely will succeed. Because all of my reactions to anything are subdued. No pressure guys. Just use me as an unreasonable barometer for the quality of info, it'll work every time. (I ramble nonsensically about a lot stuff, I'm sorry).
  18. Apparently not. The poster said he had a second source that confirmed the info.
  19. Yeah... I knew that 343's storytelling prowess wasn't all that after Halo 4, but it reads like bad fanfiction. Cortana is cured of rampancy and starts an AI revolution? She may gain a real body? Really? It also seems like her return undermines the development Chief AND Cortana had in Halo 4. Hopefully it's executed well in the actual game, because this certainly doesn't read well.
  20. So uhh... http://m.neogaf.com/showpost.php?p=182155790 *Barf*
  21. Zero lost brehs. The steak has been broken. Great job to Nairo, always felt like he would be the one to pull it off.
  22. We need to get you hired by 343, then. It's the only way. The future of Halo rests on your shoulders.
  23. We should convert Beyond into a development studio and make our own Halo 5. It's the only way on-topic discussion won't be thrown to the wolves. (That's a pretty fun thing to imagine, actually)
  24. FTFY Feels strange to rock the boat as someone who usually flies under the radar. I like it but I simultaneously dislike it.

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