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  1. Preach. I really want to know what the hell was going on at Bungie HQ during Halo 3's development. So many poor design decisions, on top of the fact that the game FELT horrible to play. I can derive some kind of enjoyment from every other Halo game, including Reach/4 (4 less so...), but I can't stand playing Halo 3. What's the point of a shooter in which your bullets don't go where you aim? That's not even touching on the map design or sandbox. That game triggers me like nothing else.
  2. The one day I don't log in to Beyond... Was a fun read, at least.
  3. 343's artistic strengths lie in creating natural environments, which are almost always excellent. When it comes to doing stuff that's created by living species, that's when trouble begins to arise.
  4. This aiming talk reminds me of Uncharted 3 at launch. You literally were not able to move your reticle diagonally. Like, if you tried to make a circular motion, it would be a squareish, boxy motion instead. I shit you not. It got patched, but it still was never quite right. In fact, don't H5's aiming issues have to do with a slower acceleration curve when aiming diagonally or something? I really wonder how this sort of stuff gets passed playtesting, especially in a shooter. I mean, no one said ANYTHING about the aiming being jacked up?
  5. There are times were you don't have a real response to anything and you just have to appreciate some things for what they are.
  6. Yesss If you enjoyed that show, I would recommend Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. It's essentially the follow up, and though the writing isn't anywhere near as good, it's enjoyable enough and LOOKS awesome. Gen Urobuchi wrote Zero, and I would recommend his other works if you like his style.
  7. It's the BEST option we have though. Though H5 is an improvement over Halo 4, it doesn't provide any meaningful advantage over Halo's traditional gameplay, from a systemic/design standpoint. It's mostly just band-aiding stuff that was implemented in Halo 4, while introducing a host of new problems of its own. Aside from maybe Stabalizers (I want to emphasize the "maybe," as I have yet to play the game), there really isn't anything that 343 has added with Halo 5 that serves to improve Halo's gameplay IMO.
  8. If someone enjoys something, they enjoy something. To call them delusional for such a thing is boneheaded. We're all at liberty to discuss game mechanics and the implications they have on the overall design, but you can't go around saying that someone who likes H5 is delusional; it's what THEY think, not what YOU think.
  9. It really is a shame that 343 completely ditched this game, and worst of all, we'll likely never hear what went wrong with it--from an official source anyways. Worse, the game works even more poorly since the new UI update. Aside from maaybe Halo CE PC, our avenues for accessing old Halo multiplayer have essentially been kneecapped, and that's a damn shame. I really wish that 343 would take a look at what DICE has done since BF4's launch. Even though it was a disaster initially, they continually stuck with it until it was in good shape. Hell, it's STILL getting updates and new, free content even today. DICE has more than made up for the game's shortcomings at launch. I don't know. After H4, TMCC, and H5, I'm not sure where I stand as a Halo fan, and I'm sure that goes for some of you guys here. Even if TMCC had come out flawlessly, I'm just not enthusiastic about Halo as a franchise going foreward 343 has changed pretty much everything I liked about old Halo titles, from the lore, the gameplay elements, the visual design, sound design, and the like, but brought in very little good of their own, and when they do, they still manage to muck it up (see how they completely ruined John and Cortana's relationship going from Halo 4 to 5). Being a Halo fan is hard.
  10. Citing a low population as one of the reasons you shut it down when it was only officially available in one territory seems kind of odd. Still, I hope they succeed in improving what they need to.
  11. GOTY: Bloodborne Most anticipated: Deus Ex, Dishonored 2 (assuming the inevitable delay doesn't push it into next year), Horizon Zero Dawn (no way it's not getting pushed to 2017 but still), The Last Guardian, Unravel, Eitr, Firewatch, No Man's Sky, Dark Souls 3, Mirror's Edge*, the Sonic 25th anniversary title, Zelda, Gravity Rush 2, Ni-Oh, Halo Wars 2, FFXV, Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank, and probably some things I'm forgetting. Some good stuff coming next year. *I'll need to see more before I'm truly sold, but the prospect of a new Mirror's Edge does excite me.
  12. So has the new update made aiming much better, or is it overall a marginal change?
  13. If Breakout had normal health settings, the mode would be in a much better place. Your idea is better than what we currently have OP, but it doesn't really fix the underlying issues with the mode (campy gameplay, dull and linear map design, little incentive to push, etc.). I really want to know who thought that bringing the flag BACK to your base was a good idea. Completely goes against what they're allegedly trying to do with it.
  14. Holy hell, those mockup UI shots look far more appealing than what we ended up with. Bungie continues to be top-class in that regard. Racing game developers seem to know what's up as well (Gran Turismo 5 aside).
  15. Started Blooborne today. Getting my ass kicked, but I knew what I was getting into. Pretty good so far, the transform-able weapons are very cool. I shall press on...
  16. I'm very curious as to how something like this makes it past testing. Like, all it would take is one guy saying, "Yo, I spawned at the wrong base." Even then, spawn points should be double-checked anyways. Odd.
  17. Probably, considering Obsidian has much more respect for RPG systems than Bethesda does.
  18. I sure would kill for a new Obsidian Fallout game. The knowledge and skill they have when it comes to creating and balancing RPG systems, as well as their quest design, absolutely embarrass Bethesda (and most other AAA RPGs). I still find it absolutely insane that they made New Vegas, in 18 months. Incredible. The Metacritic deal was absolutely BS, though.
  19. Throw in a green visor and the circle will be complete.
  20. It really goes to show how having consistent gameplay across a series can pay dividends. As a fan of Sonic, the 3D era has been a particularly frustrating, as it's a perfect example of constant changes bringing about a fragmented community. As a result of the constant gameplay changes, the Sonic community is divided into so many sects that it's hard to keep track. You have the people who like the Classic formula, the Adventure formula, the Heroes formula, the (God forbid) Secret Rings formula, the Boost formula, etc. The series would be in a much better position right now had they stuck to a consistent formula (and had SEGA's leadership not been total ass until fairly recently). But that's another story... #SonicFanWoes But back on the topic of Halo, it's not just the inconsistency in Halo's gameplay that causes division, but the complete change in presentation once 343 got handed the Keyes to the series. UNSC/human architecture changed, Covenant architecture changed (albeit to a lesser degree), Forerunner architecture changed, Spartan designs, vehicle designs, Covenant troop designs, the overall sound design, the tone, the incorporation of extraneous material into the games, EVERYTHING got changed once 343 took over, but they kept very little of what Bungie did well. So any semblance of unity the Halo community had before? it's been smashed to pieces (that may be a bit hyperbolic, but you get my drift). Thankfully, I doubt 343 will be making any more sweeping changes to the series' gameplay after Halo 5. But we still aren't exactly in a good spot.
  21. So are the BTB maps any fun, and do they look acceptable at all? I've been a bit worried about the lack of texture in the Forge pallete, but perhaps it works out. I also want to know who the hell decided that Longbow was a good map to remake. Exile, at the very least. C'mon, cartographers!
  22. "November 11th, It's been fifteen days since Halo 5's launch. I still lack an Xbox One, and the denizens of Beyond are either telling 343 to get their shit together or flirting with TheIcePrincess. In other words, nothing has changed. I'll be submitting my full report when Forge releases. ZippingF812, over and out." (What's the consensus on the game so far, if there is any?)
  23. So, what's the general consensus on the game so far? Ought to be better than Halo 4 and Reach, at least (I hope). I lack an Xbox One because I'm poor.
  24. That's relying on outside material once again. Bravo 343... But still, what happened in that story?

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