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  1. I really don't like it when games do this. I'll admit that Halo 5 isn't a looker (mainly due to 343's art direction, though it is also lacking on a technical level), but 343 should be commended for pushing 60FPS across the whole game. It sucks when one mode is like butter and the next feels like you're wading through quicksand.
  2. I imagine Beyond as one of those long office tables, except that it tumbles down when that one wobbly leg is bumped. (This metaphor made a lot more sense in my head.)
  3. Putting up with 343's third game with lousy writing. Hopefully rejoicing at the removal of the Fireteam AI. Being dumbfounded at the excuse for why the Covenant are still around. Still dealing with 343's lousy encounter design.
  4. Got some Gears 4 info from the Game Informer thing (that totally wasn't shamefully stolen from NeoGaf): -2 player couch co-op (Online TBA) -Set on Sera 25 years after Gears of War 3 -Imulsion weapon set off at the end of GOW3 killed off all fossil fuels -Humanity has become an endangered species huddled in walled cities seeking shelter from devastating wind storms (as a result of the bomb & intense war aftermath) -Called "windflares", sort of a melting of a hurrican and volcano -4 categories of weather in the game: Start out as heavy breeze (trees, leaves, dust kicking up) and grow into violent category 3 windstorms that can affect combat and weapon usage -Category 4 windstorms have you just trying to survive, super violent, dodging lightning strikes, etc -Think of the wind when fighting: Putting the wind behind could help projectile travel, but fighting directly against the wind could throw bullets back at you -Enemies also affected by the weather (which you could exploit and use strategically) -"Outsider" camps outside of COG -Heavy inspiration on the setting from Northern Italy (forests, forts, etc) -Want to get back to the "intimacy" and "boogeyman" feeling of the original Gears -Team settled on story that features 3 protagonists and stretches across a 24 hour span in game -JD Fenix (main character) is Marcus Fenix's son -JD: Joined the COG militia, classified incident forced him to AWOL -Del: JD in the campaign, befriended him at boarding school (deep bond) -Kait: Outsider, capable survivalist, shares Outsider perspective with JD/Del -Story begins as their Outsider village is invaded by a mysterious new force; kidnapped -The trio goes into the forest in search, wondering why only they were spared -New enemy is called "The Swarm" -After the war, too many Locust to bury so many were tossed into mass graves (our trio believe this new threat may be linked) -First mission sets off with the trio in the forest, discovering giant cocoon-like pods, pale monstrous creatures erupt looking almost human -These enemies are dubbed "Juvies" (harkening to their seemingly first evolutionary stage of a new enemy) -Juvies can eventually evolve into "Drones" (homage to the trilogy), able to use weapons, seemingly the main enemy type -Also experimenting with new enemies like the "Pouncer" (E3 demo) -Pouncer switches tactics based on player (if you run out in the open, it shoots poisonous quills; stay in cover and it comes after you) -New weapons like "construction based" tools repurposed for combat -Wanted to revamp the cover system; can more easily mantle kick over any piece of cover & perform knife kills -Can also perform a short distance shoulder charge, knocking enemies off balance -Enemies can also pull players out of cover and perform their own takedowns -Implementing dynamic cover (for example shooting enemy pods from ceilings in an otherwise open area) -Big emphasis on multiplayer, saying original Gears development was 90% SP, 10% MP -Want to meet needs of recreational players and esports players -Acknowledges love for horde mode and promises fans won't be disappointed No real MP info to speak of, unfortunately, but as someone who has never felt that strongly about the series one way or the other, I like what I read for the most part. I definitely like that they're going for a Gears 1 vibe, as I feel like something was lost in the games from then on. EDIT: Link to the thread so I don't seem like an asshole http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=1195149
  5. So the CE pistol is a bust? Oh well. At least we've got Firefightv coming. Memories of Reach should be interesting. Can't wait to see that Sword Base remake! /s
  6. As some have said, I don't think that we should jump to conclusions yet. If 343 is capable of accurately recreating how the CE pistol functions, then I believe that Lemon is right in the assumption that we have no reason not to make it the new utility weapon in competitive play. If, however, they do a half-baked job of it, then things will resume as normal, for better or worse (unless the new balance changes nerf the damn autos and give us a 4sk Magnum).
  7. Griffball actually looks like it benefits from the Spartan Abilities. Like, it's perfectly suited for them. Marcus Lehto is right regarding art. What he describes is what soooo many people do (myself included!). 343 just loads everything with extraneous detail; there is no restraint. It reduces readability in terms of the core design and in terms of gameplay. The most iconic designs, in anything, show restraint. I still can't believe that they changed the entire aesthetic of the Halo universe. I cannot think of an another inherritor of a famous series to have done so.
  8. Halo 4's UNSC maps were actually pretty distinct from one anther visually. They had the same general style, they at least mixed it up when it came to the fine details and geometric shapes. I actually think that H4 has superior art direction to H5. H5 just takes the failings of H4's art and accentuates them.
  9. Eh. He's better than anyone else they have at Bungie, and he's certainly better than Reed, but he's still not especially good. My worry has to do with what the hell he did to Mass Effect Andromeda while he was at Bioware.
  10. The Beta's "lighting" looked that way because of crushed blacks, which was a big issue with XB1 games. Basically, the machine has a strange gamma curve, and unless the developer configures it themselves (which 343 did with the final release), it makes levels of darkness past a certain value completely black, which results in a loss of detail. The actual lighting model in the Beta wasn't that substantially different from what appeared in the final game.
  11. I still remember the Halo 4 E3 Carbine. That thing shredded folks.
  12. Interesting. When did they say this? Because if so, then... I really don't know what to say.
  13. Really? Did not know that... The Forge team is putting in work. I really want to know why their communication abilities far exceed everyone else's at the studio. Highrise looks really sweet as a map as well. Nice to see a more wide open Breakout space.
  14. Did they seriously remove the Super Slide? All that talk about the skill gap pre-release and they remove something that widened it. I really hate it when devs do this sort of thing. Unless it's an exploit or is actively breaking the game, it should be left in IMO. 343 putting everything in a nice safe box without much room for deviation just lessens opportunities for community engagement and making the game equally our own.
  15. Awful, awful situation. Can't imagine being in such a position. My full condolences. R.I.P Lena and Trinity.
  16. Fathom actually looks really nice, both artistically and gameplay wise. The map looks like it flows well, and has a very open feel compared to the game's other maps. It's also nice to see 343 finally expand their color profile, and it looks like the artists actually showed some restraint by not loading the map with a bunch of extraneous detail. Nicely done! But seeing the H2 BR with a sprint animation feels... Wrong. Just wrong.
  17. Awesome! I really love the aesthetic, as well as the Reaper thing. Seems like a more natural way for the player to keep time rather than sick a countdown timer on everything, while still retaining the skillful aspect. Hope it turns out well!
  18. I think she was just talking personal taste, which is fine. Nothing in her post said that he was "wrong" for taking a more negative tone. I could be completely wrong, though. And that's fine too.
  19. I feel like that Favyn, while inconsistent at times (among some other issues), usually hits the nail on the head when it comes to the stuff he discusses. Not as concise as Lemon, of course. He hasn't uploaded a video in awhile, actually...
  20. Is there any actual reason as to why the H2 BR is available in Forge but not some of the other REQ weapons? Seems needlessly selective.
  21. As much as I understand the base sentiment of making the player feel like a Spartan (I myself value immersion in my games), I can hardly think of any other series in which the core gameplay changed to such an extent, just facilitate non-gameplay elements. Like, I cannot think of a single popular series in this day and age that has done such a thing other than Halo. When Josh stopped by here awhile back, he laid out that Halo's new mechanics were stemmed in making the player feel like a Spartan. Non-gameplay reasons! It's just very bizarre.
  22. Preach. I really want to know what the hell was going on at Bungie HQ during Halo 3's development. So many poor design decisions, on top of the fact that the game FELT horrible to play. I can derive some kind of enjoyment from every other Halo game, including Reach/4 (4 less so...), but I can't stand playing Halo 3. What's the point of a shooter in which your bullets don't go where you aim? That's not even touching on the map design or sandbox. That game triggers me like nothing else.

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